January 2018 Chi Forecast

  • Jan 1: Full moon
  • Jan 16: New Moon (Capricorn) … Fame Gua
  • Jan 31: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

January begins and ends with a full moon this year. The January 1 full moon is a super moon, where the moon is close to the earth, so it appears larger than usual. It’s also known as a Wolf Moon. The January 31 full moon is a blue moon because it’s the second new moon of the month. We also have a Lunar Eclipse with the January 31 full moon.

winter-frozen-treeTune to December’s Intentions

The December 18th new moon in Sagittarius was related to self-discovery and self-development. As I wrote last month, the new moon is Sagittarius is an ideal time to tune into your intuition, pay attention to messages, patterns and signs, identify shifts that you’d like to make, create a list of things you’d love to do, consider your goals for the coming year, make travel plans, sign up for a class and expand your beliefs about what’s possible. This provides a wonderful transition into the energy of a new year.

An added twist is that the Self-Knowledge gua lies diagonally opposite the Partnership area, so a desire to strengthen Partnership can be included in your intentions as well. Knowing yourself on a deep inner level helps you to develop a healthy relationship with others. You can use the light of the January 1st full moon to energize this area of your life, if you wish.

Energize Your Fame Gua During January

As you remove and store your holiday décor for the year, pay special attention to your Fame gua. This is the center back of your home, every room in your home, your workspace and your land. In each room, the Fame area is the center back from the way you enter each room. Clear, clean and refresh these areas prior to the January 16th new moon in Capricorn.

Bring Structure to your 2018 Goals

Capricorn energy is about work and practicality. Structure, goals, responsibility, discipline, and your long-term direction are Capricorn attributes. According to Good Timing Astrologer, Madeline Gerwick, when the moon is in Capricorn, it’s time to add structure to your vision and goals. What a perfect way to begin the year!

2018 Planner

I like to use Susannah Conway’s annual planner. Click the link to download and then take a few days to complete the planner. January is a great time to do this.

Fame, Health and Being Seen

The Fame gua relates to your heart, eyes, brain, blood, glands, small intestine and circulation. Vision, visibility, illumination, clarity and integrity are related. It’s also about how you are viewed publicly. If you’d like to develop business, have more charisma, be more well-known or you’d like more publicity toward any endeavor, enhance the Fame gua in your home, every room in your home and your workspace. Also enhance this area if you’d like to strengthen your heart or brain, or bring more heart energy or clarity to your life and relationships.

Would you like to strengthen your social interactions, network, develop or spread ideas? Perhaps you’d like more recognition or acknowledgement for your work or activities. Energizing and enhancing the Fame gua can help to produce results.

Fame and Fire Energy

The Fame gua is represented by dazzling Fire energy in the Five Element system. Fire energy is passionate. It’s strengthened using red, triangle, diamond and star shapes, sparkly things, lights, electricity and electronics, people and animals, fabrics and things made from animals such as wool and leather. During the holiday season, the Fame gua is a great location for a Christmas tree! A friend of mine notices an increase in business every December after she lights her Christmas tree, which she places in the Fame area of her house.

Too Much of a Good Thing? The Other Side of Fame

Feng shui is about bringing more balance to your life by adjusting your spaces. The theory is that the energy of your home and workspace mirrors what’s happening in your life. Illness is about imbalances in your body, health or life. Energetic imbalances in your space can contribute to and aggravate health problems. Those related to the Fame gua include too much passion, stress and burnout, anxiety, overindulgence, impulsiveness, heart disease, eye problems, brain dysfunction, thyroid and glandular ailments, heart and blood conditions, fevers, and mental illness.

Balance Your Home and Workspace

Adding more of the element associated with an area isn’t always the answer to bring more harmony to your space and life. What to place depends on what’s already there. This is where applying the Five Element system can make a big difference.

The Fire element is strengthened by Wood and weakened by Earth, Metal and Water. If you want to “fire up” a room or space, add items that have Wood or Fire energy. Sometimes reducing Fire energy wound enhance your space; Earth, Metal or Water items can serve this purpose, in addition to physically removing obvious items with Fire energy.

If you’re not sure what to do, send me a picture of your space and we can have a quick phone or web consultation. I’ll provide you some suggestions based on your space and specific intentions.

Heart Focus and Fire Energy

The world can use more heart-felt energy. It begins with you (and me!) being kind and loving to yourself, your family, friends, colleagues as well as strangers and those you don’t know. Being kind and loving also means withdrawing from gossip, complaints, criticism, harsh words, unkind thoughts toward everyone, including politicians, government leaders, anyone who you feel has “wronged” you or others. It means forgiving. Imagine how quickly we as humans can turn the world around by doing our part and encouraging others to do the same.

This month’s focus on the Fame gua is a wonderful reminder and it provides a great opportunity to practice shifting at a personal level.

Career Gua is Opposite Fame

The center front of your space is the Career gua. This sector is about what you’d like to do with your life and what drives deeper meaning for you. If you’re looking for a new job, work with this area this month as well. Clean out all clutter and paper piles, wash your windows, vacuum high and low to remove dust and stagnant energy, repair or remove anything that is broken. Make sure your Career areas throughout your home and workspace are in tip top shape! Then set your intention and visualize it unfolding for you.

January 31 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

The second full moon in a month is also referred to as a “Blue Moon.” The January 31, 2018 full moon may look redder, than blue, however, due to the Lunar Eclipse.

The January 31 eclipse will be at 11 degrees Leo 37 minutes. If you follow astrology, look to see where and how this falls in your personal chart. According to Madeline Gerwick, this eclipse will be associated with pleasant surprises! Isn’t this nice? Perhaps you’ll get some good news, experience a lucky break, feel exceptionally happy, or something similar. A secondary meaning of this eclipse is related to setting aside work and enjoying the moment. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing!