February 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

  • Jan 31: Blue Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse
  • February 15: New Moon and Solar Eclipse
  • February 16: Chinese New Year: The Yang Earth Dog


valentines-day-backgroundAnother Look from last month: January 31 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

The second full moon in a month is also referred to as a “Blue Moon.” The January 31, 2018 full moon may look redder, than blue, however, due to the Lunar Eclipse. https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/moon/blue-moon.html

The January 31 eclipse will be at 11 degrees Leo 37 minutes. If you follow astrology, look to see where and how this falls in your personal chart. According to Madeline Gerwick, this eclipse will be associated with pleasant surprises! Isn’t this nice? Perhaps you’ll get some good news, experience a lucky break, feel exceptionally happy, or something similar. A secondary meaning of this eclipse is related to setting aside work and enjoying the moment. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing!

Read more about the January 31, 2018 Lunar Eclipse https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/map/2018-january-31 .

Tune to January’s Intentions with the January 31 Full Moon and Eclipse

If you set intentions with the January 16th new moon, tune in and watch how they emerge this month. New moons are when you seed your desires. Then they take root for two weeks and the results begin to come to light with the next full moon.

The January 16th new moon in Capricorn was related to your long-term vision and direction, your responsibilities, and bringing structure to your goals and dreams. The associated area was the Fame gau, the center-back of your home, office or workspace, and every room in your home or business.

The Fame gua also relates to your heart, eyes, brain, blood, glands, small intestine and circulation and how you are viewed publicly. If you’d like to develop business, have more charisma, be more well-known or you’d like more publicity toward any endeavor, enhance the Fame gua in your home, every room in your home and your workspace. This is the area to enhance if you’d like to strengthen your heart or brain, or bring more heart energy or clarity to your life and relationships.

We’re in Eclipse Season!

We have a lunar eclipse on January 31 and a solar eclipse on February 15. Lunar eclipses happen on full moons and solar eclipses occur with new moons. The February 15th new moon and solar eclipse usher in Chinese New Year (Feb 16th).

Since an eclipse accompanies the January 31 full moon, even more things may come to light. This set of eclipses is associated with pleasant surprises. It could be a happy event, sudden luck, something nice and unexpected, that sort of thing.

Eclipse windows open 30 days before an eclipse and last until 30 days after. Two very lucky people were in eclipse energy when they won the recent huge lottery jackpots on January 5th and 6th!

February Area of Focus: Helpful People and Travel

The February 15th new moon and solar eclipse is in the sign of Aquarius. This correlates with the right front corner of your home and workspace or the Helpful People and Travel gua. This area influences the right people assisting you at the right time. Energize your travel plans or dreams here too. The timing is amazing. I will be traveling to India for a month on an Ayurvedic health retreat.

Helpful people can be family and friends as well as business associates and professionals. Helpful people can also be unseen spirits, helpers and guides, you name it. Set intentions for the right assistance in your life, take inspired action, get out of your own way, and allow things to unfold in magical and unexpected ways. Focus on solutions (your desired result) rather than problems.

New moons are about getting new things started and Aquarian moons are periods when group projects, ideas and goals are supported. They are ideal cycles to:

  1. focus on goals, plan ahead
  2. identify new ways of doing things
  3. attend to community and humanitarian needs

The Metal Element Brings Clarity and Organization

The Helpful People area of your space is energized by the Metal element. Metal is represented by metal itself (gold, silver, brass, aluminum, etc.,) as well as the colors white and gray, circular and oval shapes, petroleum and things made from petroleum (plastics) and substances dug from deep within the ground (gemstones, big rocks and boulders).

As an “organizing” element, Metal traits include clarity, precision, organization, order and focus. When Metal is balanced, it’s easier to sort information and experiences into patterns, solve puzzles, and bring order through rules and guidelines. You’re more likely to have clear thoughts, be focused and communicate effectively. When Metal is deficient you may feel unprotected, find it hard to focus, have little or no routine, and lack a sense of purpose. Excess Metal manifests as criticism and judgments, perfectionism, obsessive compulsive behavior, as well as sarcasm, aloofness and indifference.

The Helpful People & Travel Gua relates to the Head and Brain

The organs associated with Metal are the lungs, large intestine, and your skin. In addition, The Helpful People and Travel gua is associated with your head and brain. Metal out of balance may leave you feeling anxious, anguished, and in tears. If you’re experiencing headaches, anxiety or anguish, or you have any difficulty with breathing, intestinal issues, skin conditions or rashes, balancing your Helpful People gua may strengthen your emotional and physical health.

Also, Earth energy strengthens the Metal element. Enhancing your Helpful People and Travel sectors with the Earth element is worthwhile. Earth energy is represented by yellow, brown and the fall color palette, square shapes, earthenware and pottery, bricks, large furniture that hugs the ground … such as over-sized chairs. Whereas Metal is an organizing element, Earth is nourishing and supportive.

8 Tips for Adjusting the right front corner of Your Home, Office or Business

To activate the Helpful People and Travel gua, clear clutter and create space in the front right corners of your house and every room in your house or workplace. I remind you to remove clutter every month because we all have it to one degree or another. Some have more than others. Your possessions need continual care and maintenance. When they sit idle, without attention, use or love, they lose life force and the chi depletes.

Less turns out to be more. When you have less to care for, you can provide more attention.

Here are eight tips to activate your Helpful People and Travel gua:

  1. Hang a six-rod metal windchime.
  2. Hang a picture (or a symbol) of your dad, a mentor or helpful person in your life.
  3. Bring in heavenly energy with a special statue, sculpture or image.
  4. Light up the front right corner of your house, business or room.
  5. Add something round or oval.
  6. Add metal: gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, etc.
  7. Incorporate the colors white, gray or silver.
  8. Include pictures, reminders or symbols of places where you’d love to travel.

Take the first two weeks of February to clean and energize your home, with a focus on attracting helpful people, friends and resources. Then set intentions for the right people to come into your life beginning with the February 15th new moon. You can see how these take shape beginning with the March 1 full moon.