March 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

March 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

  • March 1: Full Moon
  • March 17: New Moon
  • March 20: Spring Equinox
  • March 22: Mercury Retrograde through April 15
  • March 31: Full Moon

Three Easy Steps to Integrate Feng Shui Each Month

An easy way to integrate feng shui into your life is to adjust the area in your home each month that aligns with the moon’s energy. It’s a three-step process:

  1. After each month’s full moon, refresh the area of your home or business that aligns with the energy of the upcoming new moon. You have two weeks. It’s the ideal time.
  2. Set a related intention on the day of the new moon. Meditate on it, if you can.
  3. Two weeks later, tune into the next full moon and notice how things are unfolding. Look for signs. They might be subtle at first. Noticing the small things provides energy and power, enabling bigger things to emerge.

How do you know what area to energize? Read this newsletter each month!

The March 1 Full Moon  

In my haste to prepare the February newsletter before I left for India, I got ahead of myself! The February new moon was in Aquarius and related to the Helpful People sector of your space. The March 17th new moon is in Pisces and relates to Health.

snowdrops-flowers-spring-1March Area of Focus: The Center or Heart of your Home

The quality and condition of your space is reflected in your life. Currently we have some renovations going on in my . We’re converting a front porch into a three-season room. The project is in the second month. I was traveling for one month, so I missed the major deconstruction and rebuild, which involve the right-side guas of my home: Partnership, Children & Joy, and Helpful People & Travel. The fine-tuning is currently being done. It’s coming out great! I’ll post some photos once it’s complete.

Before I left for my trip, I cleared and cleaned the Center of our home. I left it in good shape. After returning, I deep-cleaned a bathroom and laundry area, which also happen to be in the Center. A flat duster helped me to easily remove a lot of accumulated dust under our washer and dryer and deep into the corners. I was surprised about how much was pulled out. I didn’t realize it was there. As we move into spring, this is a great time to dig deep, remove accumulated dust and debris, and revitalize your space.

The Center of Your Home Sets the Tone and Pace

The Center of your home is very important. It sets the tone for your space. The energy in the Center of your home permeates throughout your entire space. If it’s clear and calm energy, that is what spreads. If it’s cluttered and blocked energy, your home or workspace may feel stuck and stagnant. If the energy feels too rushed or fast-paced, an anxious and unsettled feeling may take over. Take the opportunity this month and set your intention as you work with the Center of your home, office or business.

Tips for Adjusting the Center of Your Home, Office or Business

Make the Center of your home or workspace as clear and spacious as you can. Remove all clutter. I remind you of this every month because we all have clutter to one degree or another. Some have more than others. Your possessions need continual care and maintenance. When they sit idle, without attention, use or love, they lose life force and the chi depletes.

Less turns out to be more. When you have less to care for, you can provide more attention. This month, make the Center of your space the focus of your attention. Clear it out and spruce it up!

The Center relates to Health and Earth Energy

The Center of your space relates to health and is associated with Earth energy. Earth energy is represented by the colors yellow, brown or earth tones; square shapes; and pottery, shells and objects made from clay, mud or earth. Earth energy is strengthened by Fire and weakened by Metal. Too much Water energy muddies things and an excess of Wood energy breaks right through the Earth (envision tree roots popping through the ground).

In addition to impacting overall health, the Center of your space also influences the energy of your immune system, infectious diseases, tumors, fevers, circulation problems, blood sugar issues, blood pressure, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, lymph and nervous system. Extremes and excess, worry, stress, delusions and not feeling grounded are attributed to imbalances in the Center of your space as well.

March 20: Spring Equinox

Spring begins on March 20, when we have equal amounts of day and night, light and dark. I love this time of year! The days are growing longer, and nature is waking up after winter’s rest. In my area we’ve been teased with spring, followed by return blasts of winter. It’s OK. We’re past the deepest part of winter and we have many positive signs of brighter and lighter days to come.

March 31 Full Moon

If you adjust the Center of your home prior to the March 17th new moon, tune in again on March 31 and notice what’s shifting for you. Perhaps new resources or solutions for health problems or situations are coming to you, perhaps it’s an easy resolution or perhaps a service will come in at a lower price, maybe a pattern has disappeared or resolved itself. The shifts may be obvious or subtle. They may come to you quickly or present themselves over time. You can be sure that the right answers or solutions will come to you when you’re ready. This is the way things work.