April Feng Shui Forecast

  • Mercury Retrograde through April 15
  • March 31: Full Moon
  • April 15: New Moon
  • April 29: Full Moon

April-EggsMarch 31 Full Moon Recap

If you adjusted the Center of your home prior to the March 17th new moon, be sure to notice your manifestations beginning with the March 31 full moon. The Center of your home relates to health and overall well-being. I gave the Center of my home a good cleaning during mid-March and then refreshed the area with a beautiful vase of tulips on my dining room table.

The flowers are bringing in vibrant spring energy, even though outside we were having a series of powerful nor’easters. Soon the stormy pattern will settle down, the snow will melt, and the spring flowers will emerge. I enjoy receiving garden updates from my friend, Madeline, in Seattle. In the NW, spring begins about two months earlier than it does in NH.

One manifestation that came in a few days after placing the flowers was a dental appointment. The dental office called due to a cancellation and the new appointment was a better fit for me. I love the ease of how things happen.

In the meantime, the first few weeks of April are a great time to make inside adjustments. Once the warmer weather arrives, your motivation may be gone. 

April Area of Focus: Career or Life Purpose

The April 15 new moon in Aries relates to your Career gua or Life Path. Isn’t this a wonderful way to move into spring … bringing more clarity and focus to your life and what you’re passionate about?

The Career or Life Path gua is the center front of your space and every room in your home, business, workplace or wherever you spend time. If you’d like to:

  • bring more direction to your work
  • develop a career with more vitality
  • receive a promotion
  • get a new job
  • discover your life passions
  • feel more connected to your life purpose
  • improve your hearing
  • alleviate kidney or bladder problems
  • reduce fear, anxiety or nervousness

Adjusting the Career-related areas of your home and workplace can help move you in the right direction.

Career Gua and Water Energy

The Career-gua relates to Water energy in the Five Element system. Water is about flow and movement. During the winter in New England, water freezes and things slow down. It’s an opportunity to go inward and reflect. Then spring arrives. The snow melts, the lakes unfreeze, and there’s more movement.

From a health perspective, the Career gua relates to your ears, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, sexual organs and nervous system. Problems with hearing, ear infections, kidney or bladder trouble, hemorrhoids, issues with balance, nervousness, fear, rigidity or a low level of life force are influenced by the energy in this area of your space.

Water energy is represented by:

  • all forms of water (lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, rain, snow, etc.);
  • the color black;
  • wavy, undulating shapes;
  • windows, glass, mirrors, shiny and reflective surfaces;
  • art with any of the above.

The challenge is to balance the energy of the Five Elements in any given space. Balance does not mean equal. The entire area is considered when figuring out how to bring balance to a room or a gua. Considerations include (and are not limited to):

  • Natural light
  • Size and shape of the space
  • Size, shape, materials and color of furniture
  • Walls and flooring
  • Photos and artwork
  • Items being displayed and stored
  • Integration of nature

Three Cases … Case One: A Blocked Front Door

Years ago, I had two separate cases of clients with ear trouble. The Career sectors of both clients contained evidence of blocked energy.

In one situation, snow was piled high against the front door on the outside of the house and the front door was taped shut from the inside. It was March, and no one had used the front door all winter. In New England, friends and family typically use the back door. Why bother shoveling the snow? It would just be extra work. Being frugal and trying to save heat, this client also taped the front door shut from the inside, for extra insulation. Little did this client realize that the blockage at the front door also reflected a blockage in his ear canal. Shortly after the front door was cleared and opened, his ear trouble went away.

Case Two: A Lack of Comfort and Safety

In the second situation, an entrepreneur found himself with a shrinking company. He laid off his employees and moved into a home office. His office was in a large bonus room above his garage. He arranged his desk in a corner, facing into the large part of the room. The problem was that he also put cubicle walls in front of himself, blocking his view. Simultaneously, there was a set of stairs almost directly behind him. When I sat down at his desk, I felt up against the wall. I also sensed that if I moved back too quickly or not carefully that I could easily tumble down the stairs. This situation was not comfortable or safe.

As I chatted with this entrepreneur, he proceeded to tell me about his dream career. It was the audio business. He laid out all his equipment in front of himself, beyond the cubicle walls. The walls were a barrier though and he never thought about making his dream come true. Meanwhile, his main line of work in high tech came to a halt. I encouraged him to remove the cubicle walls, move his desk to a different part of the room and to face one of his best directions. He began to integrate his passion into his work and his life. Within months he was on a better track.

Case Three: Clean the Closet

In a third situation, a woman was upset about being laid off. She was a single mom and she was afraid about getting a new job. What if she was out of work for a long time or her severance money ran out? I told her that maybe she’d quickly be hired and that she would be in an even better situation.

In her home I suggested that she empty and reorganize a closet that was in the Career area. The closet was stuffed and felt stagnant. I recommended that she only put back items that she needed or loved and to give away (or sell) the rest. She did. Within weeks she had a new well-paying job and her remaining severance pay became savings!

What is the Condition of Your Career or Life Path Area?

I encourage you to reflect on the center front of all your spaces, based on how you enter the area.

  • If you notice clutter, remove it.
  • If things are in disarray, reorganize them.
  • If anything is broken, repair it or plan to do so.
  • If the area is dusty, dirty or feels stagnant, clean it.

Do things feels comfortable and safe? If not, what adjustments can you make?

Does your space reflect you? If not, what can you do to make it more appealing?

Sometimes very simple shifts in your space can contribute to big changes in your life.

I’ve noticed over the years that we’re often blind to one’s own space. Even me! Take a picture and look it over. Sometimes you see things in pictures that you didn’t previously observe. It’s common to gloss over items that have been in place for over 30 days. You just stop noticing. If you’d like help analyzing or reviewing an area in your home or office, contact me (peg@fengshuiconnections.com ). Send along some photos or a video too.