Finding Lost Items … Shifting Dimensions


Do you misplace items or forget where you put things and then they end up lost? Maureen St. Germain writes about this phenomenon in her book Waking Up in 5D.

Periodically, I misplace items or forgot where I left them. Other times they seem to simply disappear! I found an important key that vanished months ago, a misplaced driver’s license reappeared for a friend, a missing kayak was found by another friend. Recently, I was looking for a notebook for a class. I looked where I thought it would be. I didn’t see it. I looked in the same place a few minutes later and there it was!

When these situations occur, I remember Maureen’s teaching that the fourth dimensional world is where you’ll find the misplaced items. It’s a transitional plane between the third and fifth dimensions.

I notice that missing items reappear when I’m relaxed. If I’m stressed or worried about finding what I’m looking for, the items remain out of view … and sometimes when they are even in plain sight. I’ve noticed this with my husband and daughter for years. They would look for something and give up when they couldn’t find it. Then they would mention it and I would find it for them. They couldn’t see it, yet I could.

When you lose or misplace something, Maureen suggests that you ask that it be returned. You can say: “If my missing item is in the fourth dimension – I’d like it back. Thank you.” If you get your things back, know that you are shifting among dimensions. This will happen when you move away from an emotion of stress or anxiety and into acceptance.

Each of us is a multi-dimensional being. Fifth dimension is where you want to be these days. Maureen says that this is the “tranquil zone.” Even though you live in a 3D body, you can have higher level experiences and move among the dimensions.

On page 62 of her book, Maureen writes: “Your first objective is to make sure that there is no conflict between your thoughts and emotions or your emotions and your actions. True integrity is at the core of remaining fifth dimensional. When you think one thing, act another, and feel yet another, you have created a roadblock to being fifth dimensional. How many times have you caught yourself in denial about something? That’s when you’ll find out you are out of sync with yourself and cannot remain fifth dimensional.”

If or when you’re confused about what’s happening, ask “What’s going on?” and then listen to your intuition for the answer. If you practice this regularly you may find that your life experiences become more peaceful and loving on a regular basis. You may hear the news and not be rattled by it. When something goes awry you might accept it knowing that whatever is supposed to happen will, as situations rearrange themselves for the best outcome.

The bottom line? You’ll develop inner peace as you regularly strengthen your energy and the chi of your environment. As you do, you’re contributing to a better world and a happier and healthier planet.