The Stories You Tell …

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On the way into a restaurant for dinner recently, an elderly gentleman held the door for me and my husband. We thanked him and asked him to move ahead of us in line. He did. After he was seated at his table, we observed the wait staff chatting with him. He was a frequent customer. As he was dining we noticed that he looked alone and sad. When our check came, my husband got up and spoke with our waiter at the register. In short order, I realized what was happening. My husband paid the elderly gentleman’s dinner check. My heart was beaming with joy! What an amazing and unexpected generous action. When our waiter returned, he let us know that paying the man’s bill was very timely. His significant other had recently passed away and he was feeling a bit lost and forlorn. My husband was so happy that he acted on his intuition as well.

A dear friend was having a bad day. She proceeded to share her experiences, in explicit detail, on Facebook. Before long, her friends and acquaintances were agreeing with her and sharing their experiences as well. The bad experience was kept alive and reenergized. The next time I met her, she lamented about other events that were happening in her life. When she mentioned that she needed to purchase a car, I attempted to steer her away from purchasing a car during Mercury Retrograde. She brushed it off and told me it wouldn’t be possible. Ugh. Chances are this streak of unfortunate events will continue.

A young nephew is working hard to get himself established in a new city. His dad passed away when he was nine and his mom is my sister who’s in the nursing home. My husband and I have been checking in and helping him out a bit. When we realized that he needed a car to get to work, we told him that we would sell him a spare car for $1.00. There were a few hurdles though. He would need to learn to drive a manual transmission, get it registered in his new state, purchase insurance and then pick it up. As we were realizing that this would take a few months, one of my brothers stepped in and purchased a used car for this nephew. He also paid for the registration and he’s covering the first three months of insurance. Within two days our nephew received a promotion at work. My heart is still jumping for joy with how goodwill and generosity spread so easily! Everything is connected.

The above three stories are real and happened within days of each other in the order presented, the most recent story first.

The stories you tell yourself and repeat to others are very important. Words carry energy and impact what happens in your life. To energize and feed positive energy, frame your stories in a positive or uplifting context. When you consciously withdraw your energy from what’s not working, you can choose to redirect situations toward what you really want.

For example, rather than publicly share the details of everything that went wrong, my friend could have let her friends know that her car broke down, her tow-truck experience wasn’t great, but things worked out in the end, and that she was in the market for a new car.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t acknowledge what’s happening in your life. Rather, I recommend that you consciously withdraw from repeating and reinforcing stories about what’s not going well in your life. Stop seeking validation and agreement about what’s not working. Doing so only gives it more power. At minimum, come to a neutral place so that you can move ahead on a more positive platform. Once you’re there, it’s easy to maintain it.

Express your experiences and intentions in ways that move you toward your desired outcome, helping everyone to move forward. When you withdraw from what’s not working, things will change for you. I guarantee it.

The same is true in the public arena. Less repetition of bad news, celebrity gossip, political chaos and generally what’s wrong with society leaves room for good news to fill the space, and there’s plenty of it! More and more I’m seeing heartwarming humanitarian stories being given more publicity.

Are you aware that there’s a Good News Network and that it’s been around for over twenty years? The service is free, and the movement is gaining momentum. Here’s a link to check it out: The Good News Network shares inspiring and uplifting stories. It turns out that there are plenty of them daily and word is spreading. More and more publicity is going to people are doing kind deeds for others. Together, we can shift negative cycles and contribute to a better life experience for all.

What does this have to do with feng shui? Plenty! Your space reflects yourself. Create a clean, well-maintained, clutter-free environment that vibrates love. If you’re feeling poor, stressed, unsettled, angry, frustrated, vindictive, abandoned, full of guilt, blame or shame. etc., look toward yourself as well as your home and work spaces. The work is always on oneself. The August Mercury Retrograde cycle is an excellent time to make progress with this. You’re more likely to have success.

Do your part to cultivate happiness and health in your own life. Then be generous with others. As you do, you’re helping everyone around you and our planet as well.