September 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

Lake with trees and golden sunset


September 9: New Moon in Virgo
September 24: Full Moon

The September 9 new moon in Virgo is a reminder to take care of yourself and your well-being. The area of your home or business to focus on this month is the Center of your space, every room in your space, as well as your land.

The Center or Tai Chi is About Balance and Unity

Yin YangThe Center is also known as the tai chi. The objective is to balance the universal forces of yin and yang to promote overall harmony and well-being throughout your space and your life. The yin yang “tai chi” symbol represents the interconnection of feminine, earthly energy with male, heavenly energy. One is never without the other and together they represent the wholeness of the Universe or unity.

A key premise of feng shui is that your space reflects your inner self. You mirror your space and your space mirrors you. This is also true for the people with whom you spend time. The people with whom you connect reflect aspects of your self back to you.

What’s Been Happening This Year?

We’ve just come through a challenging six-month period where key parts of your life may have been jolted or thrown into turmoil. The purpose of this was to bring attention to what needs to shift or transform in your life. What’s been coming up for you? For me, it’s been about setting boundaries as I balance my needs and wants with those of others. It’s also been about completing things I have underway (tying up loose ends) before I embark on new projects or interests. It’s been a busy period.

This September is a wonderful month to reflect on what’s been happening and rebalance any aspect of yourself that feels off-kilter. Allow yourself to dream. Reflect on how you’d like the next two years to unfold and visualize it happening. Focus on the result without any disbelief or angst over how it could even happen. If you find yourself blaming others for your circumstances, look within and take responsibility for your choices. Then consider what you’d like to be different and open yourself to the possibilities of really having what you want.

It’s Time to Refresh the Center of Your Home and Recharge Yourself

Prior to September 9th, refresh and shift the chi in the center of your home. The quality of energy in the center of your space spreads throughout the entire area. The same is true for yourself. The quality of physical energy in your gut as well as the true feelings in your heart influence what happens in your life. Be honest with yourself and be gentle as well. In my opinion, the “work” is always on oneself. The people around you reflect aspects of your Self back to you. If you’ve been feeling unsettled or off-kilter, adjusting the Center of your home, business or workspace, and yard will help you to come into balance.

The center of your space can be the physical center or the energetic center. Many times, the exact physical center is not a place where you spend a lot of time, such as a hallway. When that’s the case, use your energetic center … which might be a kitchen or gathering area, the “heart” of your home.

If the center of your space feels constricted, notice how this might show up in your life.  An adjustment would be to expand the space by hanging a mirror or a picture with depth. Have the mirror reflect a pleasant view, whenever possible. Mirrors serve many purposes, including doubling and expand energy.

You might also take some photos of the center of your space (and every room), set them aside and look at them during a quiet time. Study the photos and see what you notice.

If your space feels cramped and crowded, clear away clutter and items that you don’t need or use. If the area feels dusty or dirty, clean it high, low and deep into the corners. Perhaps your space is feeling tired and worn and you’re feeling similar? Add something new or fresh to liven it up.

What pictures or images do you have on the walls in the Center of your home or business. Do they reflect what you want? To the extent that you can, look behind the energy or into the history of the creation. This also influences how things unfold in your life.

For many years a beautiful photo of myself and my daughter hung in both of my homes, at the time. The photo was taken at a family wedding and we both looked beautiful. Each time I looked at myself, I knew how sad I was at the time. The photo was taken two weeks after a miscarriage and I never had more children, even though my husband and I wanted them dearly. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that this photo anchored the very situation that I wanted to change. It was very subtle yet very profound.

Periodically I uncover similar situations when working with clients. An innocent question will open a story that represents the pinnacle of what the person wants to change. If there’s something in your life that you’d like to change, look to see how the condition might also be anchored in your space.

A Bit About the Earth Element

From a feng shui perspective, the Center of your space is influenced by Earth energy. In balance, Earth is caring, supportive and nurturing. Life flows easily. You and your space feel balanced, well taken care of, supported, stable, grounded and secure. Too much Earth feels smothering or overprotective and too little feels exposed, parched and dry.

Even though the Earth is round, the feng shui shape for Earth is square or rectangular. (Heaven energy is round.) Earth colors are yellow, brown and the fall palette. Yellow is a cheerful, communicative color and brown is stabilizing. Fall brings the harvest season, when we celebrate the Earth’s bounty or the fullness of Mother Earth.

In your home or workspace, Earth is represented by square and horizontal rectangular shapes, yellow and the fall color palette, brick, clay, pottery, adobe and earthenware, seashells, oversized or big, heavy furniture that hugs the ground.

Earth energy is strengthened by Fire, weakened by Metal, broken apart by Wood and muddied by Water. In nature, fire creates ash, dirt or earth; soil hardens deep within the Earth to form petroleum and various metals; tree roots break through the earth when there isn’t enough soil to fully cover them; and too much water creates mudslides.

The natural cycles of the Five Elements are always in motion. Observing the existing energy in your space and noticing how you feel as a result, is a great way to figure out what to adjust.

With feng shui eyes and without judgment, observe the center of your home, any room in your home (particularly your master bedroom), as well as the center of your workspace and your yard. Notice how you feel. What captures your attention? Do you like what you see or are you noticing things you’d like to change?

8 Tips to Help Balance the Center of Your Space

  1. Add a vase of fresh flowers.
  2. Hang an inspiring photo.
  3. Place uplifting artwork or a sculpture.
  4. Enhance the area with colors you love.
  5. Incorporate pottery, earthenware or seashells.
  6. Ground your energy with a beautiful rock.
  7. Add some brown for safety and stability.
  8. Include a reminder of health or well-being.


Do this after you:

  1. Clear your tabletop.
  2. Remove excess paper, magazines, newspapers.
  3. Thin out knick-knacks.
  4. Wash windows.
  5. Repair anything that is broken.
  6. Dust and vacuum.

Adjust the Five Elements

Too much Fire or Earth? This might show up as a lot of red or yellow, lots of triangular and square shapes, too many lights or candles. Balance with Metal qualities … round, circular, shiny, metallic, white, gray or pastel colors.

Too much Wood? This might show up as an abundance of green, blue, florals or stripes. Bring in objects with Fire or Earth energy … candles, lights, red or yellow colors, triangular or square shapes, pottery, shells or earthenware.

Too much Water? Lots of glass, physical water, black and very dark colors represent Water energy. You can reduce this by bringing in more Wood energy, along with Fire and Earth objects. Offset an abundance of Water with florals, stripes, rectangles and triangles, green, blue, red and yellow, and natural items.

Too much Metal? Barren, white spaces can be cold and harsh. Water, Fire and Wood elements will reduce excess metal more quickly than simply adding Earth.

September 9 New Moon Meditation

The new moon is Sunday, September 9. It would be ideal to clean, adjust and reenergize the center of your home and workspace prior to September 9. As you do this, think about your intentions as they relate to your health and well-being and reflect on what you really want for yourself. Not what you “don’t” want, but what you “DO” want. If you find negative words or descriptions floating through your head, write them down and reposition things to reflect what you do want. Make sure your statements and intentions are about you and not what you want other people to do. You can change yourself but not anyone else.

On Sunday, September 9th, read or reflect on your intentions and do a meditation, visualizing the result. See yourself as healthy, whole, prosperous and happy … whatever you truly desire. Two weeks later, on the September 16th full moon, look for evidence that what you’ve asked for is beginning or energy or show up. It may be subtle at first. Long term change is deep rooted and takes time. Let go of any timetable and go with the flow. Trust that what you’ve asked for, and the steps you’ve taken are the catalysts for change in your life.