October 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

Gravel road through autumn trees


  • October 8: New Moon in Libra
  • October 24: Full Moon in Taurus
  • Venus Retrograde October 5 – November 16

Bring Balance to your Relationships

The October 8 new moon in Libra spotlights Relationships and Partnerships. This is the back right of your space, every room in your space, as well as your land.

To strengthen your marriage or partnership, adjust the back-right areas of your home, yard, or workspace prior to October 8th. Then, set your intention on the day of the new moon (October 8th) and watch how changes take shape and begin to come to light with the October 24th full moon.

Last week my husband and I agreed to reorganize our garden shed in the coming weeks. Guess where it’s located … the back-right corner or the Relationship area of our yard! Our timing is perfect. This project needs to get done before winter, so we’ll do it before October 8. As we reorganize we’ll also pull out items we’re no longer using or haven’t used in some time. We’ll give away anything worthwhile and toss the rest. Pay attention to your hunches and your intuition. They guide you well.

Clean Your Relationship Area Before Enhancing It

It’s always a good idea to clean and reorganize any area before you adjust or enhance it. Otherwise, you could be enhancing low energy, the opposite of what you want.

To clear stuck energy from your Relationship gua, I suggest that you:

  1. Remove all trash, clutter, and things that have been sitting idle for a while.
  2. Wash the windows and glass on picture frames.
  3. Dust and vacuum deep into the corners, high and low.
  4. Clean and reorganize closets and cupboards.
  5. Dust and wash your lamps and lights. Replace burnt out bulbs.
  6. Trim and refresh plants. Remove dried flowers or dead plants.
  7. Clear excess from tabletops.

After cleaning your Relationship gua, you’ll be ready to adjust and rebalance the chi.

The Relationship Gua is Governed by the Earth Element

The Relationship sector is an Earth area in the feng shui bagua. Earth energy is strengthened by Fire and depleted by Metal. It is muddied by Water and broken up by Wood. Look to nature to learn more about how this relates to your space.

The qualities of Earth are accentuated in autumn, our harvest season. Earth is represented by the fall color palette (and yellow, in particular), earthy items such as brick, pottery and earthenware, seashells and square shapes. Furniture and items that hug the earth or lay close to the ground are earthy in nature. Large, oversized sofas and chairs possess earth attributes.

In balance, Earth is nurturing, grounded and comfortable. Think: Mother Earth and her bounty. Too much Earth can bring smothering and suffocation. Too little Earth is a dry or parched energy. Too much or too little of any element is never helpful.

Add the Fire Element to Strengthen Earth

When Fire burns, it creates ash or earth. The western wildfires demonstrate this. When big parcels of land are devastated by fire one year, the forests experience new growth the following year. Although it’s very sad and highly traumatic, the same goes for people who lose their homes and possessions. They begin anew. In nature, Fire creates ash or new earth. If you’d like to “fire-up” your Relationship area, add something red or pink, bring in some triangle shapes, add pictures of people or animals, add some lights or candles. Pairing up an item is a good way to strengthen partnership.

Use the Metal Element to Deplete Excess Earth

As Earth hardens, Metal is formed deep below the surface. This is where iron ore and crystals are formed. Thus, Metal consumes the energy of the Earth and depletes or wears it down. If your Relationships or Relationship gua feels bogged down or stuck, look to see if you have a lot of Metal items or attributes in it. Metal is represented by white and light pastel colors, circular and oval shapes, all types of metal (gold, silver, brass, aluminum, etc.), crystals and gemstones, large rocks and stones. If this is the case, remove as much Metal as you can and add items with Fire and Earth qualities.

Finetune Imbalances of Wood and Water

In excess, Wood and Water energy imbalance the Earth. Look for tree roots that burst through the surface of the Earth to better understand how Wood can penetrate Earth and thereby wear it down. Excess Water, on the other hand, creates mud as it mixes with Earth. The devastation caused by Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas is an example of the destruction Water can bring. Used effectively, you can introduce both Wood and Water elements in an environment to reduce excessive sluggishness and get things moving quickly. They should be managed, however.

Tips to Rebalance the Relationship Gua

  1. Place a happy photo that represents marriage or partnership in the back-right corner of a room or your home, office or desk.
  2. Pair up one or more items, such as a set of candles on a dining table.
  3. Integrate some red, pink or yellow with intention.
  4. Add a vase of beautiful, fresh flowers in the autumn palette.
  5. Ground a space that feels spacey or flighty with a heavy item in each corner.
  6. Fill up a large space with oversized furniture that hugs the ground.
  7. Place two beautiful pieces of rose quartz or a rose quartz heart.
  8. Add heart energy! Heart shapes, heart mementoes, heart-filled affirmations.
  9. Add pottery, earthenware, shells or natural items.

In addition to a garden shed in the Partnership area of my yard, we have a beautiful red garden globe and a large chunk of rose quartz. The globe gets put away for the winter months. The rose quartz stays in place year-round.

Tune in to the October 24th Full Moon

New moons are a time to set or seed new intentions and ideas. Two weeks later, the full moon is when things come to light. Use this time to pay attention to signs that your intentions have taken root.

At the September 24th September new moon, I realized how much of my activity for the month had been focused on health and well-being … which was the theme of the month. My activities flowed from one to another quite naturally. Opportunities and ideas came my way and I activated them. At times during the month it felt like whirlwind energy! When I paused a few times to catch my breath, another idea or opportunity came in. This is how things happen when you’re in the flow. It was an easy, active and full month. I’m looking forward to what unfolds during October.

Venus Retrograde October 5 – November 16

The planet Venus represents feminine energy, love and money. It’ll be retrograde from October 5 through November 16. This will be a period to reassess or rethink your relationships and values. This includes your relationships with people as well as your relationship with money. It’s not a time to make major relationship or financial decisions. Notice what comes up for you during this period. You may be unclear about things and not know how to proceed. It’s OK. This is normal. Hang in there. More clarity will most likely come to you during early November.