Winter Solstice: A Time for Reflection

winter bubble with gold leaves


This year the Winter Solstice comes a day before the December 22 full moon. A lot of light will be shining on the shortest day of the year. I recommend that you cast your light inward and notice what captures your attention. When you’re still and listen to your inner voice, you allow your intuition to come forth. This inner voice is your guidance system. It will always steer you right.

As I write this, our third consecutive Tuesday snowstorm is underway. The power is out, and my house is quiet. Within the stillness, there’s a lot of activity. I’m listening to generators in the distance, along with plows, trucks and other mechanics. Heavy snow is falling from the burdened trees, allowing some of the branches to spring up. The wind chimes on my porch are gently swaying and birds can be heard in the trees. As I listen closely, more sounds come to the surface. There’s a lot going on all around me.

The same is true within yourself. When you quiet yourself, activity that been held out of view fills the silence. The stillness can provide solace and peace as you notice what comes to the surface. If the practice is new to you, you might feel restless at first. Give it time. Notice any discomfort or anxiety you may feel. Allow it to bubble to the surface without judgment. As your energy settles down other things may capture your attention, breathe fully and easily, without pushing, pulling or judging.

The solstice is a very brief period. A moment in time in the ever-moving cycle of life. We’ve been approaching this moment since June 22. The pendulum briefly paused on the longest day of the year before beginning a gentle six-month descent. We reach the opposite side on the shortest day of the year and begin the ascent toward longer days filled with more light once again.

Pausing for the winter solstice can help you develop more balance during the busy holiday period. Doing less for a brief time helps you to do more over the long run, as you gather your strength from within. Give it a try this year and notice what comes to light for you.