May 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

  • May 15: New Moon
  • May 29: Full Moon
  • Planetary Cycles

April 29 Full Moon Recap

magnolia-treesThe new moon is a time to set (or “seed”) your intention. The full moon, two weeks later, is the time when things come to light. It’s the time to see what’s taken root and is beginning to grow. When you set an intention and take inspired action to create a shift, amazing things can happen. You have an opportunity to practice doing this each month by refreshing or shifting the energy of your home in coordination with the monthly new and full moons.

The April new moon related to the Career area of your home. Connecting with the energy of this area can help you to live a life filled with meaning and purpose by genuinely expressing yourself through your gifts and talents. When you’re passionate about what you do, you’re excited to jump out of bed each morning to see what life brings. You recognize opportunities as they come to you and life flows easily from one day to the next. 

May Area of Focus: Enhance Your Connection to Prosperity & Abundance

The May 15 new moon in Taurus aligns with your Wealth or Prosperity gua. Isn’t it nice how one theme flows to the next … how doing what you love supports prosperity and abundance? Everything is connected. The Wealth area of your space is the back left corner of your home, every room in your home, your business or office, and your land.

The Prosperity gua is also known as “Fortunate Blessings.” When you recognize the blessings in your life and you regularly express gratitude for them, more abundance flows to you. On the other hand, if you express or reinforce feelings and attitudes related to scarcity or not having enough, you’ll bring more of that to yourself.


The Wind Trigram
The I Ching trigram associated with the Prosperity sector is called the Wind or the Gentle. The Wind takes many forms. Sometimes it’s a gentle breeze, other times it’s a steady force, periodically we face strong and forceful winds and everything in between. Hexagram 57, Penetrating Influence, is the hexagram for Wind energy. It’s about maintaining a clarity of purpose and a steady focus, guided by clearly defined goals, over long periods of time. When you apply gradual and consistent effort to your intentions, your goals come into reach.


Your Home is a Mirror of Self
A premise of feng shui is that the energy of your home reflects yourself at a deep, inner level. In a sense, your home mirrors yourself. It’s important that you’re clear about what you desire. Once you know what you want, it’s easier to take steady and consistent steps to bring the energy of your space into alignment with your goals.

Currently, my husband and I are in transition in our lives and our home reflects this. Our shift began at least a year before we sold our house last summer. Initially, I thought our shift might take 12-18 months. Now I know it will be longer. And, it’s OK. Our shift is about being comfortable stepping into new activities and making new friends, as new opportunities and adventures unfold.


Prosperity and the Wood Element
The Prosperity gua is associated with Wood energy in the Five Element system. Wood energy is about growth and vitality. It is strengthened by Water and weakened by Fire. When forests over grow and we have a very dry season, there is a high risk of wildfires reducing the forest the ash. The next season, the land is ready for fresh growth again. This is a natural cycle of Wood being consumed by Fire and then turning to ash.

When you think of the Wood element, picture trees and flowers. Visualize a vibrant lifeforce. Wood energy is the active energy of spring. It’s the trees budding after a long winter rest and the leaves filling the branches again. Lively green hues that appear in spring represent wood energy. The Wood element is also embodied through columns, stripes and vertical lines (trees). Flowers and floral patterns also symbolize Wood energy. A vase of fresh flowers or a green plant is a great enhancement.


Water Enhances Wood
Water enhances Wood in the Five Element system. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Rain feeds the trees and plants, enabling their roots to grow deeper in the earth. In your Prosperity areas, you can introduce Water energy through water features; glass, mirrors or reflective surfaces, black or dark colored objects, pictures of water … such as rivers, lakes, the ocean and boats or ships on water. I also like pictures of prosperous cities with prominent water locations, and treasure boxes that remind you of prosperity. A treasure box that I keep in the back-left corner of my desk contains gold, frankincense and myrrh. It’s one of my favorite Prosperity enhancements.


Enliven Your Prosperity Gua
I often find that people have wonderful enhancements throughout their home or workplace. Sometimes a special item would benefit from a more auspicious placement. Consider what you have in your space and place something meaningful in your Prosperity gua that connects you to abundance, if you haven’t done so already. Embrace the energy of spring, vitality and growth as you adjust your space this month.


Are You Sabotaging Your Intentions?
I don’t know anyone who would consciously push away prosperity or abundance. Yet, I observe subtle, self-sabotaging habits on a regular basis. Such patterns include:

  • hoarding
  • too much clutter
  • messy, dirty or unkempt space
  • piles of book, paper or magazines on the floor or tabletops
  • malfunctioning plumbing or electric
  • dirty, broken or faulty windows or doors
  • items hanging around for long periods of time in need of repair
  • complaints and/or gossip about other people
  • negative comments or negative social media posts
  • delighting in someone’s misfortune or mishap
  • feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, angry, sad, in grief, etc. for extended periods of time

Basically, anything that doesn’t express joy or beauty in your space, or lead to happiness in your heart and soul, keeps prosperity and abundance at bay and pushes it away from you.


The Tipping Point is 3:1
Regardless of your circumstances, you have multiple options and choices as you respond to what life brings you. The tipping point is 3:1. To cultivate a happy and prosperous life, make sure you have three times as many positive experiences as negative ones every day. When you get off-track take note and jump back on. Before long, you’ll notice more things going well for you vs. those that set you back.

When my energy gets rattled (and it does periodically), I know that I need a good night’s sleep to get things moving forward again. I’ll allow myself to have a “pity-party” for a day, at most, and no longer. I’ll go to sleep and the next day I’ll wonder how I even felt the way I did. Sleep can be transformative. Deepak Chopra puts a good night’s sleep at the top of the list for well-being practices.


Remove Blockages from Your Wealth Gua
This month, look at the back-left corner of your house, the back-left corners in every room in your house, the back-left corner of your yard and your workplace, with an eye towards refreshing and re-energizing them. What steps can you take to clear any clutter or lighten up? Scan your wealth gua for blockages and remove as many as you can. Here are some suggestions:

  • Dust and vacuum thoroughly, particularly corners
  • Wash windows, drapes, lampshades
  • Eliminate or reduce piles of greeting cards, paper, books, magazines
  • Replace dead batteries and light bulbs
  • Lighten up heavy objects
  • Add brighter, more lively colors
  • Thin out contents of drawers
  • Dust picture frames and wash the glass
  • Refresh seasonal décor
  • Move furniture to create a different flow
  • Add color: green, purple and some red or gold work well in your Prosperity gua
  • Touch and evaluate everything; remove anything that doesn’t feel great.


Refresh the Wealth Gua of Your Yard

  • Rake, wake up the grass and land
  • Remove winter debris
  • Repair fences and stone walls
  • Plant some spring flowers

A few weeks ago, my husband and I removed a tall, heavy bookcase from the back-left corner (the Wealth gua) of our living room and sent out area rugs out for cleaning. The space feels so much lighter. It was an instant shift. Since then new ideas have been coming to us for this room, including a completely new layout.


Be a Prosperity Magnet
With the right attitude, you can be a prosperity magnet. A big part of this is being grateful for what you already have and expressing appreciation on a regular basis. You might also practice giving thanks, in advance, for anything you desire. When you do this, act as if you already have it.

You express thanks using present-tense, positive words, just as if it’s happening now. For example: “I’m so grateful for the continual stream of prosperity and well-being in my life.” This is true for me. If it’s not true for you, try it anyways. Repeat it to yourself for the next 30 days and genuinely embrace the spirit of it. Then notice all that comes to you … big and small. If you do this, I’d love for you to share your experience. It works.

If you’d like help analyzing or reviewing an area in your home or office, contact me. Send along some photos or a video too.