April 2020 Feng Shui Forecast


  • April 7: Full Moon
  • April 22: New moon in Taurus … Wealth Gua

March Recap: Focus on the Career Gua

The March 24th new moon correlated with the Career gua. This is an important area, particularly if you’re going through changes with your job or at your workplace. You may find yourself suddenly out of work or fear upcoming shifts and changes.

If you set an intention and adjusted the front-center of your house, your office, or rooms in your house, tune in to the April 7th full moon to look for signs that what you asked for is beginning to unfold. If you didn’t take action, and you want to, give these areas some attention prior to the April 7th full moon.

In addition to work, the Career gua relates to your passion in life. You may find that this is changing too. While spending time at home, perhaps you’re discovering previously untapped or under-developed interests, as you have time to explore more things. You might find yourself listening to more music, playing an instrument, doing creative projects, reading, cooking, gardening, putting together puzzles, talking with more people over the telephone, and much more.

Review the March suggestions: https://fengshuiconnections.com/march-2020-feng-shui-forecast


April 22 New Moon Focus: Wealth Gua

Recently we experienced a series of very powerful money cycles that peaked on March 27th and 28th. This energy, boosted by the March 24 new moon, made it easier for the Congressional financial package to quickly come together.

The April 22nd new moon in Taurus correlates with the Wealth gua. So, we’ll have a continued focus on wealth, money, prosperity and blessings. This energy will peak with the May 7th full moon. If you’re feeling a lot of angst about money or financial resources, for any reason, work with the back-left corner of your home, every room in your home, your land and your office or work-space area. How synchronous that this coincides with the expected arrival of government checks for many Americans and unprecedented assistance for businesses large and small.

New moons represent new beginnings. Prior to the April 22nd new moon, it would be worthwhile to refresh the Wealth areas throughout your home. Clear the back-left corners of each space of clutter and winter dust. Do some deep vacuuming, high and low, wash windows, dust pictures, clean lampshades, etc. Revitalize your Wealth gua.

The Wealth gua is more than about money. It’s really about the blessings in your life, which come in a variety of ways. Madeline Gerwick and I talk about this in our e-book, Money Is an Energy Game. When you recognize the blessings in your life, more blessings and resources come your way. The Wealth gua pairs with Helpful People and Travel, which is diagonally opposite, in the front-right corner of all of your spaces, as you enter each area.


The Wealth Gua is Energized by Wood Energy

In the Five Element system, Wood is strengthened by Water energy and depleted by Fire, Earth and Metal energy.

Wood energy is about growth and expansion. Wood is represented by:

  • Fresh flowers, plants and trees
  • Floral fabrics and patterns
  • Vertical stripes and tall columns
  • Green and blue

Water energy help to create flow. It also brings reflective and philosophical qualities. Water is represented by:

  • Water features and water itself
  • Mirrors, windows, glass, reflective and shiny surfaces
  • Black and very dark colors
  • Free form, wavy and symmetrical shapes
  • Pictures of lakes, rivers, harbors, ocean views

Place emphasis on a flow of Wood and Water energy in your Wealth areas. Minimize (but don’t eliminate!) Fire, Earth and Metal energies.

Fire brings dazzling, sparkling energy to a space. It is represented by:

  • Fire, flames, lights, sunlight, candles
  • Triangles, pyramids, diamond and cone shapes
  • People and animals
  • Electronics and electrical items
  • Red, burgundy and the red palette

Earth energy grounds and anchors your space. Earth items include:

  • pottery, earthenware, bricks and clay
  • seashells and natural items
  • square shapes
  • oversized or heavy furniture that hugs the floor
  • yellow, brown and earth tones.

Metal energy helps bring clarity to a space. Metal items include:

  • all metal: gold, silver, brass, aluminum and more (pots & pans, lamps, picture frames…)
  • marble, granite, flagstone
  • natural crystals and rocks dug from deep in the earth
  • circles, oval and arch shapes
  • white, gray and pastel shades.

Each gua should have some representation of each of the Five Elements. In the Wealth gua, emphasize Wood and Water, while also having some aspects of Fire, Earth and Metal energy.


The Wealth Gua and Health Issues

Health-wise, the Wealth area relates to your hips, legs and big bones. If you have issues with any of these matters, such as hip replacement, adjust your Wealth gua so that it fully supports you. Make it comfortable without being cluttered. Include something that reminds you of the blessings in your life.


The Importance of the Helpful People and Travel Gua

Pay attention to the opposite gua as well. Helpful People and Travel (HP&T) is the gua opposite Wealth, in the front-right of your space. The HP&T gua is associated with Metal energy. Wood and Metal keep each other in check. The blessings of prosperity come to you via helpful people as well as the resources flowing from Helpful People and Travel. The two areas work hand in hand.


Write Your Intention

Write a clear intention about the blessings in your life prior to, or on, the April 22 new moon. Put your intention in a red envelope, energize it with a blessing and then place it in your Wealth gua. Write your intention in the present tense, using positive words, just as if it’s happening for you now. For example: “I am so grateful that more than enough resources continue to flow to me for all of my needs and desires.” The more specific you are, the more targeted the direction of resulting energy will be.

Do a mediation on April 22, visualizing multiple blessings coming to you. Skip over the logistics of how things will unfold. Assume they will and give thanks, in advance, for all of your needs easily being met. Giving thanks in advance is one of my favorite techniques. It works! It bypasses your thought process and all the ways something may or may not happen. When you get excited about already having what you want, the path to make it happen begins to unfold and seemingly magical things can appear. Give it a try!