August 30: New Moon in Virgo

woman sitting on dock in yoga pose


The August 30th new moon in Virgo aligns with the Center of your home or workspace. The energy of this area is about your overall health and well-being. The quality of energy in the Center of your home or workplace influences your entire life and everyone who spends time there.

Begin preparing for this about two weeks ahead: August 18th or later. Pay attention to the center (or energetic center) of your home and see what you notice. What captures your attention and how does the area feel?


The Center of Your Home: Earth and Fire Energy

The Center of your home is ruled by Earth Energy and strengthened by Fire energy. It’s weakened by Metal, Water and Wood. Although you need all five elements in each area, have less representation of the elements that weaken the quality of energy in the area and more of the primary elements.


Earth energy is represented by:

  • Yellow, brown and earth-tones
  • Pottery, earthenware, adobe and brick
  • Square shapes
  • Low to the ground, heavy furniture
  • Seashells


Fire energy is represented by:

  • Red
  • Lights, candles, sun and sunlight
  • People and animals
  • Triangular shapes and diamonds
  • Electricity and electronics


An important aspect of the Center of your space is that it influences the energy throughout your entire home or workplace. If you feel ungrounded or your energy is scattered, create some open space and cultivate a pleasant feeling in the center of your home or business. Remove all clutter to release stagnation and to open and integrate channels of energy. Then hang a beautiful, round faceted crystal. If you have a table here, keep it clear of clutter. A fresh vase of flowers or a bowl of seasonal fruit will bring in vibrant energy. Flattering photos taken during happy times will help to strengthen relationships.

On August 30th set your intentions and do a short meditation with a focus on overall health and well-being. This will help set the stage for September and the upcoming fall.

If you’d like help evaluating the Center of your home or office, contact Peg ( ). A floor plan and some photos or a short video would be helpful.