Bagua mirrors ... How and When to Use Them

Mirrors are an all-purpose tool in feng shui. They have many uses and are often referred to as the “aspirin” of feng shui. Mirrors redirect energy. They:

  • guide, direct and enable chi to flow,
  • counteract negative influences,
  • correct chi imbalances, 
  • create clarity,
  • draw in auspicious chi,
  • absorb, reflect, or expand an image,
  • project or move a reflection,
  • allow chi to penetrate an otherwise closed space,
  • reflect compassion.

Energetically, mirrors are empty until you fill them with intent, or they have a reflection.

Bagua mirrors are a special type of mirror. They protect what is behind them and are always placed outside. Never hang one indoors. They can cause havoc. The power of the bagua is rooted in the ever-changing cycles of life, represented by the eight trigrams, the five elements, and the mix of yin and yang energy. Hang your mirror with the three solid lines on top (the Heaven trigram) and the three dashed lines (the Earth trigram) on the bottom.


Flat, Convex or Concave?

Bagua mirrors come in three particular styles and many designs. Typically, they will be about 3-4 inches in diameter and the outer edge will be octagon shaped. The styles are flat, convex, and concave. Flat mirrors have flat glass or a flat reflective surface. For convex and concave shapes, think back to science class. The reflective surface on convex mirrors pops out and it curves inward on concave mirrors.

A common use of a bagua mirror is to ward off negative energy. For this, use a flat or convex mirror. A convex mirror provides a wider view as it reflects outward. It’s a favorable choice if you have a large property. A typical use is to hang a bagua mirror over your front door or outside a garden or courtyard gate to deflect negative energy coming to your property. If your front door faces a cemetery, hospital, or police station, hang a flat bagua mirror over your front door to deflect negative energy.

Use concave mirrors cautiously and with professional help. They sabotage and destroy incoming energies and turn images upside down. Typically, they are used to reverse harmful influences related to law suits, legal action, and tall buildings.






Flat bagua mirror on left.  Convex or concave bagua mirror on right.                     

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