Boost the Energy of your Space with Focused Life Force Energy … Try It FREE for 15 days

Each month I include a feature story about Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) because I believe in it. Many people are quite busy and overwhelmed with life these days. FLFE provides a simple and effective way of boosting the quality of energy in your environment without much effort. It does this by raising the consciousness level to the level of Joy on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness (, at minimum. After trying it for free for 15 days you can decide whether or not to subscribe. Ongoing subscriptions are $35.00 per month. You get a lower fee if you subscribe for 6 or 12 months up front. 

For me, FLFE is an investment in my well-being and that of my family and everyone who comes to my home. I also carry FLFE Everywhere with me via my mobile phone. 

Since subscribing to FLFE nearly a year ago, I continue to notice a high level of synchronicity and easy solutions to problems that come my way. I’m delighted when ideas pop in that leverage my plans and activities for the day. Such activities might include a synchronous flow of errands, which makes great use of my time, consecutive appointments that take advantage of my time and location on any given day, and a continual flow of creative and new ideas. 

I notice shifts with my husband as well. Shortly after trying FLFE last year, my husband emerged after a long day at work and mentioned that he solved a problem that had alluded everyone in his company for several days. I mentioned that FLFE probably helped. He dismissed this and said that it took a few days to solve the problem. I responded that perhaps it only took a few days! Afterall, how many times do difficult problems take weeks or even months to solve? 

If you haven’t tried FLFE, I encourage you to do so. If you did a free trial and didn’t subscribe due to the monthly fee, I encourage you to subscribe for a few months and really tune into what happens in your life. Shifts to watch for include:

  • Sleeping more deeply
  • Feeling less stressed or less anxious
  • Being more focused
  • Getting more done
  • Remembering faster and remembering more
  • Feeling happier
  • More ideas and solutions coming to you
  • Increased synchronicity and things flowing along smoothly
  • Easy solutions to problems
  • A general feeling of optimism and well-being

For me, FLFE in an ongoing investment in myself and my health. I have a saying that I’d rather pay the farmer than the doctor … so I purchase local and organic food regularly. Even though doing so is more expensive, I feel that I’m actually paying far less over the long run due to good health and overall well-being. FLFE is a similar investment. I feel it’s a low cost for a high return. 

Given this month’s focus on Prosperity, if you’ve tried FLFE and haven’t continued, reflect on why this is. If you did not subscribe for financial reasons, examine if you made this decision from a position of lack, a position of feeling that you don’t have enough money, or you don’t want to spend the money. If this is the case, I recommend that you reconsider and try it for a few months, with a curious approach about what might shift for you. You might experience more than you anticipate!

FLFE’s “Pay It Forward” gift that comes with each subscription is an added bonus and a contribution toward increased prosperity and abundance for all. Pay It Forward enables you to send the benefits of FLFE to a location you choose, at a slightly lower level of consciousness than you pay for via each subscription. Thus, you get two for the price of one!

Learn more about FLFE here: Try it FREE for 15 days.

See the FLFE page on my website for more experiences.