Business Feng Shui Tip: Store Like Things Together

paperclipOffice space is often at a premium, whether you work for someone else or for yourself. My husband and I have both worked from home for close to twenty years. Prior to last year’s move, we had four offices in two homes and ten full file drawers, plus additional miscellaneous boxes of “stuff.” We realized that we had more than we were using, needed or wanted.

As we moved all “like” items together: pens and pencils, paper, envelopes, manila folders, binders, etc., we evaluated what we were really using and what we would most likely use in the future. Many extras, along with items we didn’t like, were given away or tossed out. An art teacher, some crafts-people and scouts were happy recipients.

After we moved, we did more of the same. Now, nearly a year later, we’re going through another purge. We’re realizing that we can live and work with a lot less.

The trick is to store similar items together and then notice what you’re using. We’re consciously using our supplies before buying more. The less we have, the simpler things are. The ten file drawers that we had? We’re now down to two drawers of active files and four smaller boxes of files that we need for reference. They take up much less space than previously.

Less is truly more. It’s very freeing.