Concerned About EMFs? FLFE Harmonizes Them!

FLFE's EMF Mitigation Program from Focused Life-Force Energy on Vimeo.


EMFs, Electromagnetic fields, are a major concern these days as more and more people recognize the impact of these fields on their health. There are four categories of EMF fields and they affect people differently and some people, not at all. The fields are:

  • Electric Fields
  • Magnetic Fields
  • High Frequency Fields
  • Dirty Electricity

Electric fields are created from electrical items and appliances. Magnetic fields circle around electric fields. They are present when current is flowing through electric wires and when electrical items are turned on. Your appliances and all electric items generate electric and magnetic fields. To minimize these fields, unplug appliances and devices when not is use.

Electric fields affect the nervous system. They can cause insomnia anxiety, depression,
and aggressive behavior. They are also associated with a higher risk of leukemia.

Magnetic fields affect cellular function. The have been linked to increases in cancer cell growth rates, Alzheimer’s, miscarriage, and birth defects. Some people report physical reactions when in elevated fields.

High Frequency fields are a combination of electric and magnetic fields in the high frequency range. They cannot be separated. High frequency fields are the ones that emanate from routers, smart meters, cell towers, cell phones and your digital gadgets.

Dirty electricity is a phenomena thought to be high frequency fields that are running through your electric wires.

These days, EMFs are continually changing as a result of the electric and digital devices you use at home and at work. Some people are sensitive to the fields and other people don’t notice anything at all.

If you would like to reduce the impact of EMFs on you and your health, I recommend that you check out Focused Life Force Energy’s (FLFE) service. You can try it free for 15 days. FLFE harmonizes the various EMF fields by raising the level of consciousness of each space. Although you won’t see a change on the meters that measure EMFs, FLFE decreases the chaotic energy that they create.

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