December 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

Forest in December


Mercury Retrograde Ends: December 6
December 7: New Moon in Sagittarius
December 22: Full Moon and Winter Solstice

Mercury Retrograde Ends December 6th

This is a welcome shift for the month since we’ve had many retrograde planets for extended periods this year. Note that it will take until December 15th before things are moving along at a normal pace … although every day seems to bring a “new norm.” We’re certainly in changing times and I anticipate that we’ll experience more shifts during December. You can get back to signing contracts, making agreements and moving forward in new ways as of December 7th. If you use Madeline Gerwick’s Good Timing Guide, work around the timeout periods (red on top time) and falling out days (orange on top line). If you don’t use it, I recommend that you check it out.

Focus on Inner Wisdom and Self-Development

The December 7 new moon in Sagittarius correlates with the Knowledge gua. This is the front left corner of your home or workspace, every room in your space, as well as your land, from the entrance or how you come into each space. The Knowledge gua is associated with inner knowledge and spiritual development. When you know yourself on a deep level, you’re more apt to develop peace from within. When you’re at peace, chi flows easily, and your desires are easier to manifest. The new moon is time to plant seeds. The full moon is when they begin to sprout and come to life. What seeds are you ready to sow this month?


Knowledge and the Mountain Trigram

The Knowledge gua is associated with the Mountain trigram in the I Ching and Earth in the Five Element system. The body parts associated with this area are your shoulders, back, arms and hands. The Knowledge gua sits diagonally across from the Relationship gua in the back-right corner. As a result, the two areas are energetically linked.

3 bars bottom two brokenThe Mountain trigram is symbolized by two yin or broken lines on the bottom with a solid yang line on top. Primarily, Mountain energy is about stillness and strength. The solid yang line that hovers over two yin lines depicts a hard or masculine shell on the outside with soft, feminine, yin energy on the inside.

Feng shui lore describes sages or wise-people going to the Mountain for days at a time to clear out inner chatter and develop stillness, gentleness, grace and peace on the inside. Stillness enables you to cultivate a neutral perspective. This is one where you notice what happens all around you and in the world at large, without being consumed by it. Thus, you can be aware of the chaos in the outer world while experiencing peace from within. The two are complementary rather than being in contradiction to one another.

Cultivating inner peace enables you to trust your intuition and hear your inner voice. For me, this shows up as hunches that are usually on target. I’ve learned to pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that pop into my head, as well as the various messages that come into my life through a variety of sources. These are all a part of inner Knowledge. The hunches flow freely when my energy is smooth and coherent … when I’m still, at peace, in meditation or at rest. When I’m rushed or anxious, the flow stops, and a path filled with blocks and/or obstructions (lessons) emerges.


Adjust Your Front-Left Areas

If you would like to cultivate a deep sense of knowing, or you would like to keep your intuition and your source of inner answers flowing this winter, I recommend that you work with your Knowledge guas prior to the December 7th new moon. At my house, this begins with the front left of our driveway where we pile snow in the winter. Fortunately, the land in this area gently descends. During the winter months, it can accommodate a lot of snow before it builds to a mountain. As a mountain of snow is created, it creates a container to hold in the energy rather than allowing it to run downhill. During the warmer months, the downhill trek to the lake is both welcoming and expansive.

The Knowledge area of our house begins at the back entrance. This area benefitted from previous winter prep. We have a free and clear space where we keep snow shovels, as well as a back porch where we can discard boots and wet clothes before coming into the house.

In my office, we keep our printer in the Knowledge area. Within the past few days, this area was cleaned out and rearranged. We replaced a bulky futon with a smaller sleeper sofa that’s a much better fit. My office loft feels more spacious.

All the other Knowledge corners in rooms throughout my house are in great shape too. We’ve been giving my house a thorough cleaning this fall and it feels clean, warm and cozy on the inside.

Shoulder, Back, Arm or Hand Problems?

Healthwise, the Knowledge gua relates to your shoulders, back, arms and hands. If you experience shoulder problems or back pain, reflect on what you’re carrying. Is your burden too heavy or is other people’s “stuff” weighing you down? If so, it’s time to reflect on what you’re carrying and how to make things easier for yourself. Although you are not meant to struggle through life, it can be a challenge for some people to give up the stories that you hold around this. If you’re ready to lighten your burden, acknowledging what you’re carrying and deciding that you are ready to change is a great place to begin. Clearing clutter, making repairs and re-energizing your space can help.


Earth and Fire Elements are Helpful

The Knowledge gua is associated with the Earth Element. Earth is strengthened by Fire and depleted by Metal. Wood energy breaks up the density of the Earth, while Water muddies it. When Earth energy is in balance your space feels comfortable and you feel supported and nurtured.

Poinsettia plants and holiday lights are easy ways to “fire up” the Knowledge area of your home. A Christmas tree also brings in vibrant chi. The vitality of the Wood energy adds life and the Fire energy from the lights and dazzling ornaments enlivens your environment.

Do your prep for the Knowledge gua this week. Then set your intention with the December 7th new moon and watch how situations shift and begin to come to light with the December 22nd full moon.


Tune in to the December 22nd Full Moon

Things come to light at the full moon. This month the full moon is December 22, the Friday before Christmas. It’s also the day after the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Tune in to what happens, particularly if you took the time to set your intentions two weeks earlier.


Three Easy Actions for the Month:

  1. Clear clutter from the front-left corners of your house and rooms in your house.
  2. Repair or replace anything that needs it in your Knowledge areas (front-left).
  3. Light up a Knowledge area this season! Fire strengthens Earth.


black stones december special

December Special … Link Your Intentions to the Bagua

Many people unintentionally energize what they don’t want. Are you one of them? As a test, write or specify your intentions. Do any negative words show up … such as not, don’t, won’t, etc.? If so, I’d be delighted to help you reword and refocus your intentions so that what you really want comes to you.

Being clear about what you want is an important step to bring it to fruition. Once you’re clear about your desires (note: not what you don’t want), working with your space to bring you into alignment is much easier.

During December I’m offering 20-minute sessions via telephone, WhatsApp or Zoom to help you set clear intentions and link them to your home or office. You can help maximize our time together by sending a floor plan. To schedule an appointment, contact Peg at

Cost: $45.00 for 20 minutes. (Save $15.00!) Longer sessions will be prorated.