EMF Mitigation Via FLFE

I’ve been writing about Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE or “fluffy”) for the past few months. It’s a “quantum resonance” service that helps you create a nurturing environment and live a healthy life. This is done by sending a wave of loving energy to your home, workplace or personal object. You can enroll your address (home and/or business), a personal object (such as your mobile phone), or both to activate a high consciousness field and to come into resonance with it.

One of the new features that I’m quite excited about is the EMF mitigation program. I encourage you to check it out and try this service for yourself. Click the link to get a 15-day free trial. It’s quite easy … no credit card is needed and there’s no auto enrollment when your trial ends.

If you’re among the skeptics who wonder about something that you can’t touch or feel, it’s OK. You’re one of many! If you love your life the way it is, continue doing what you’re doing. On the other hand, if you find that your days are filled with obstacles and irritating or annoying people and situations, give the service a try. During your free trial tune in and notice if situations are resolved more easily, if unexpected delights come to you, if you encounter nicer people, if you’re happier and healthier, etc. It’s that sort of thing.

Rather than struggle, I prefer to take the easy path. It’s a choice. I enrolled in the service because I noticed that so many things were happening more quickly for me with the FLFE wave coming to my home and phone. They still are. I think about something and then I see evidence of my thoughts in action. It’s amazing. By having FLFE on my phone, I carry a high consciousness environment wherever I go. I like to share it.

A very cool benefit of every FLFE subscription is “Pay it Forward.” As a Christmas gift, the folks at FLFE gave every subscriber an extra Pay It Forward subscription. Since I have a subscription for my home and my mobile phone, I received two gifts. I paid it forward to our local elementary school and high school. Now the students and faculty will benefit from the consciousness of their school environment being gently raised to a loving level. Everyone use a lot more love!

Click the link below to learn more. Check out the Free 15-day trial. You can do one for your home and one for your phone at separate times. I highly recommend it.


Check out my previous blog post about the FLFE service for more information.