Enjoy a Short Video Meditation from Focused Life Force Energy

Our focus this month is to go inward, doing self-reflection, so that you’re more able to listen to your heart and tap into your deep inner wisdom. This 11-minute video meditation from the founders of Focused Life Force Energy that might assist you toward this end. When I listened to it, I went so deep that I nearly fell asleep. I felt calm, relaxed, and refreshed when it ended. Check it out.

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a service that creates a positive energetic environment that provides you more energy to boost the quality of your life. In addition to energizing your home or workspace, it has a variety of added benefits. They include:

  • enhanced immune support … which is vital to stay healthy and strong
    helping your body to absorb more nutrients
  • mitigating the effects of harmful EMFs in your environment
  • boosting your brain power
  • optimizing your GI tract
  • increasing your focus, concentration, and creativity
  • boosting your body’s natural healing ability
  • helping you to sleep and meditate more deeply.

Whether or not you’re a FLFE subscriber, I recommend that you go to the website periodically to learn more about what FLFE does and the latest programs. When I was perusing the “top questions” under the Learning Tab, I learned the FLFE Founders recommend taking 800 mg of magnesium daily, in addition to drinking a lot of water. The magnesium information was new to me. It's worthwile to check out the Learning Center periodically.

Explore the FLFE website to learn more about FLFE’s full array of services.