Fashion Feng Shui® Consultations

Fashion Feng Shui® Consultations

  • Are you undergoing significant change in your life?
  • Do you have a closet-full of clothes yet nothing to wear?
  • Are you downsizing and/or would like to have a great wardrobe that consumes less space?
  • Would you like to travel with all you need but have less to carry?
  • Are you ready to embrace your authentic self and confidently step into the world?

Fashion Feng Shui® is the practice of understanding your personal energies and dressing your whole self to honor who you really are. When you embrace this five element system, you use your clothes and accessories to:

  • Fulfill your Essence
    which supports your inner being and enables you to step into your authentic self
  • Fortify your Intentions
    first by identifying them and then visually affirming them in the clothes you wear
  • Flatter your Appearance
    by harmonizing with the energy of your body, skin, eyes and hair color
  • Function for your Lifestyle
    by choosing design elements that integrate your physical, mental and spiritual energies.

A Fashion Feng Shui® Consultation will help you to identify the way that energies of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water influence you and your personal style.

A Fashion Feng Shui® consultation (either in person or remotely through Skype or the web) can show you the way. Contact Peg to arrange for consultation. Ask about our advantage of the Introductory Special Offer.
Each consultation includes:

  • Elemental Body Color Wands for your hair, eyes, and skin that you can use to define the neutrals in your palette. These will support you in making harmonious color choices.
  • A Personalized set of Elemental Archetype Cards that illustrate how your Essence, Intention and Appearance can be used to select and support your choices on any given day. Elemental Archetypes at a Glance card to enable you to decipher the energy in clothes.

Dressing your Essence helps you to fulfill your authentic self.

You align your Intention with your desires. By visually affirming your desires, you can more easily attract what you want into your life.

Your Appearance indicates the energy of your physical silhouette. Honoring your body shape helps you to select flattering clothing.

A Fashion Feng Shui Shopping Wisdoms booklet, written by Evana Maggiore and Andrea Dupont, is a helpful guide for making wise selections while shopping. Sadly, Evana passed away from ovarian cancer in 2013. A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of this booklet are donated to a research fund at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to continue the work of finding a cure as her memory lives on.