Father’s Day: Boost Your Helpful People and Travel Gua


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20th. (It’s also the 2021 Summer Solstice.) It’s a day to honor fathers, fathers-in-law, stepfathers, grandfathers, or any and all fathers in your life.

A deeper aspect of feng shui is the connection between your Helpful People and Travel gua and your father and the fathers in your life. Tension or unresolved issues with any father in your life can create an energetic block that negatively influences your ability to attract the resources you need to your life. I have seen this repeatedly throughout my practice. Clearing your inner space and outer environment of energy blocks can help you to strengthen connection with the dads in your life and develop a stronger support system at the same time.


The Helpful People and Travel Gua and the Heaven Trigram

The Helpful People and Travel gua is the front-right corner of your home, all the rooms in your home, the front-right corner of your business or workspace, and the front-right corner of your yard or land. This area correlates with the Heaven trigram in the I Ching, which represents the most yang and most masculine energy. The Heaven trigram also represents “father,” thus the connection between the Helpful People and Travel gua and fathers.

The Heaven trigram, comprised of three solid lines, stacked one on top of the other. This gua has the most masculine energy, thus the relationship to Heaven. Last month I wrote about how the Relationship gua is the most yin area in the bagua and therefore relates to female and mother energy. The Helpful People and Travel gua is energetically opposite.

The Helpful People and Travel gua is ruled by the Metal element. When balanced, Metal energy is clear and precise, orderly, focused, and methodic. This is an area of authority with fathers representing the authority figure. This area also represents leadership and responsibility, along with philanthropy, giving to others and gratitude.

When Metal energy is deficient, people feel unprotected, sloppy, have trouble focusing or finishing tasks and projects and they have no strong sense of purpose.  

When Metal energy is in excess, abrasive behavior is common. People might also be more judgmental, display obsessive compulsive behaviors, be sarcastic, or aloof and indifferent.  

If you’re lacking order and focus in your life, adjust your Helpful People and Travel gua.

Recognizing Imbalances
In your home, imbalances in the Helpful People and Travel gua can show up as:

  • Broken furniture
  • Plumbing or electric problems
  • Windows not fully working or glass needing repair
  • Too many women or a lack of male or father figures
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Overstuffed closets
  • Feeling anguished or anxious
  • Too much water or wood energy

If relationships with father-figures or male leaders are problematic for you, audit the front-right corner area of your house and every room in your house (when overlaying a grid of nine, like a tic-tac-toe board). Take pictures and see what you notice. Look for imbalances showing up one or more times. The patterns can be obvious or subtle. Patterns could include something that’s broken or needs repair, an unflattering photo or one that was taken during a difficult time, too much cluttered, an area that’ physically blocked, the Five Elements being way out of balance, a lightbulb that needs to be replaced, etc. Blockages and obstructive patterns come in many shapes, sizes and forms.

One of the dilemmas is that you typically don’t notice things in your space after thirty days. If you’ve been living in the same house, condo or apartment and you haven’t moved things around in a bit, you might not recognize the patterns. This is why taking photos is effective. You see things in photos that you pass over in person.

If you have blockages related to your dad or other father figures, an Emotional Freedom and Healing (EF&H) session can help you to release the patterns that are holding you back. Schedule an EF&H session during June 2021 and save $30.00 ($150.00 instead of $180.00) when you mention this newsletter.

Contact Peg if you’d like help putting yourself on a more effective path of releasing inner or outer blockages. A customized Emotional Freedom and Healing Release can help you let go of deeply help emotions that may be embedded in your cells. A long distance feng shui consultation via phone or web can identify ways to rebalance and reenergize your space.