February 2021 Feng Shui Forecast:


  • January 30th – February 20th: Mercury Retrograde
  • February 4th: Chinese Solar New Year of the Metal Ox
  • February 11t h New Moon in Aquarius
  • February 12th: Chinese Lunar New Year
  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day
  • February 27th Full Moon


January Recap: Time for a Personal Reset

January was a month for a personal reset. It was a month with supportive energy for long term planning and adding structure to your dreams and goals. Did you spend some time doing self-reflection and following through? The Fame gua, the back-center of your home and workspace, is the area that correlated with January’s new moon in Capricorn. Fame is a Fire gua. Depending on each particular space, some Fame areas benefit from firing up the space, while others need to be rebalanced.

You can refer back to my January blog posts and newsletter at any time for tips about the Fame gua, as well as suggestions and links to help you with a personal plan for the year. We begin February riding the coattails of the January 28th full moon. Look for signs that your intentions have taken root and that what you want is beginning to take shape.

Click here if you’d like to review the January recommendations:

February begins with Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde cycle are excellent times to pause, rest, and redo things.  See the Mercury Retrograde blogpost for additional insights.


February 4th: Chinese Solar New Year

The Chinese Solar year runs from February 4, 2021 – February 3, 2022. 2021 is the year of the Yin Metal Ox. February 4th is the day to place your cures and adjustments for the year. Lunar New Year, the day of parades and celebrations, is Friday, February 12th. If you practice Feng Shui’s Flying Star system, these are important dates. Chinese New Year represents the beginning of spring. It’s a time to clear out old, stagnant energy, and get a fresh start. Part of getting a fresh start involves making some annual adjustments to your house based on compass directions or sectors.  

Read more about the influences and related adjustments for 2021 here. Contact Peg if you’d like your home analyzed according to this system.


February 11th New Moon in Aquarius: Helpful People and Travel

The new moon in Aquarius on February 11th aligns with the Helpful People and Travel gua. This is the front right corner of your home, every room in your home, your workspace and your yard or land, when you subdivide each space into a grid of nine areas, similar to a tic tac toe board.

New moons are an ideal time to go inward and set intentions. Aquarius, an air sign, sees the world full of possibilities. Aquarian energy is progressive and independent, with a focus on humanitarianism. Aquarian energy is also about freedom, having fun with friends, fighting for causes, and coming up with ideas that break through barriers. Aquarius looks to the future with the idea of getting things done today.

It’s a time to try new approaches. Is there something you’d like to get done? A great way to utilize Mercury Retrograde (Jan 30 – Feb 20) is to research your options, identify your resources (including helpful people) and write a plan.


The Helpful People and Travel Gua, Male Energy and Your Head

The Helpful People and Travel gua is associated with your head and brain, as well as the Metal element. It’s also the area linked with male energy, including father and heavenly figures. In the I Ching, this area is known as Heaven. If you or anyone in your home suffers with migraines or frequent headaches, adjust the energy in your Helpful People and Travel guas throughout every room in your house. Also adjust this area if you would like to attract or call on supporters or helpers (seen or unseen), strengthen relationships with your father, stepdad, father-in-law, or father figures. Remove clutter, open up blockages, and emphasize Earth and Metal energy to help get the chi flowing.

Years ago, a client mentioned that his wife had frequent migraine headaches. He told me that she was regularly sitting in a broken chair at her very cluttered desk, in the front right corner of their kitchen. This was her workspace and it happened to fall in the Helpful People and Travel gua of their home. I suggested that he replace the chair and encourage her to tidy up her desk. When we met a few months later, her migraines had stopped. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Feng shui? The important thing is that she experienced relief and was on happier and healthier path.

Activate your Helpful People and Travel gua if you would like to:

  • Attract resources and/or helpers to you.
  • Do a community or humanitarian project.
  • Work with a mentor, coach or other professional.
  • Strengthen a relationship with a male figure in your life.
  • Honor your Dad or father figure.
  • Travel to a special area.
  • Alleviate or eliminate headaches.
  • Bring more order, focus or precision to your life.


So, what does this mean for your space? It’s beneficial to have representation of special helpers and Metal energy in the front right corner area of your home, as well as every room in your home. Symbols of special helpers could include:

  • Angel figures … to bring in more angelic help or support for you,
  • Images, symbol or statues of spiritual guides, spirit helpers, buddhas,
  • Photos of your dad or other father or important male figures,
  • Pictures or symbols of teachers, mentors, or other guides,
  • Photos, art, or symbols of places you’d like to visit,
  • A vision board or collage of what you want, including particular people,
  • Symbols of projects you’d love to happen, or you dream about, or
  • Business cards for you and other supporters (example: your realtor, if you’re selling)


Metal energy is represented by petroleum, items made from petroleum (plastic), iron ore, large rocks (such as granite) and crystals mined from deep within the earth. Metal energy takes various forms:

  • White, gray, silver, and light pastel colors … walls, furniture
  • Metals such as silver, gold, copper, tin, aluminum, and brass
  • Circle, oval and arch shapes
  • Marble, granite, and flagstone
  • Natural crystals
  • Petroleum and things made from petroleum (plastic)
  • A metal lamp, bell, picture frame, sculpture, etc.


When Metal energy is in balance, people, events, and situations are focused, precise, clear, and organized. If Metal is deficient (too little), you may feel or experience a lack of focus, difficulty finishing tasks and projects, sloppy work, and no strong sense of purpose. Signs of Metal being too strong (in excess) include abrasive and critical behavior, being judgmental, as well as being obsessive, compulsive, overly sarcastic, aloof, or indifferent.

White, gray, or silver walls or furniture are well situated in the Helpful People and Travel gua. Don’t worry if your room is a different color. You have many options for activating this gua.

Remember to harmonize this area by having representation of all five elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth). When a space is balanced, it feels great and supports the people living or working there. Your energy and that of everyone who regularly spends time in the space influences what happens. It’s like a choreographed dance. You reflect your home, and it reflects you.


A Bit About the Five Elements

The five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal work in harmony with each other. Metal energy is supported and strengthened by Earth. It’s held in check by Fire and weakened by Water and Wood. Look to nature to better understand elemental relationships. Earth and soil compress to form rock, crystals, and ores. Thus, Earth creates and strengthens Metal. When Metal condenses, water droplets emerge. Water consumes or depletes Metal energy. You use an ax (metal) to chop wood, thereby using Metal energy. Fire, on the other hand, melts metal and transforms it. Anything that “uses” an energy, depletes or weakens it. The element that “feeds” an energy, strengthens or helps to create more of it.

When you want to ramp Metal up, add color, furniture and décor that represent Metal and Earth elements. If you want to tone it down, introduce colors or items with Water, Wood and Fire elements.

Earth energy is represented by:

  • Square shapes
  • Yellow, Brown and all Earth tones
  • Big items that hug the earth, such as heavy furniture low to the floor
  • Sand and Seashells
  • Bricks, Clay, and Adobe
  • Wooden furniture (because it is harvested or dried wood)

Water energy is represented by:

  • All forms of water, water features
  • Art with water (lakes, rivers, oceans, streams, rain and snow, etc.)
  • Black and very dark colors
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Free form, wavy and symmetrical shapes

Wood energy is represented by:

  • Fresh plants and trees
  • Fresh flowers
  • Green and blue
  • Vertical stripes and tall columns
  • Floral fabrics
  • Art with any the above attributes

Fire energy is represented by:

  • Sunlight and the sun
  • Candles, lights, and sparkly items
  • Fire and flames
  • Red and the red palette
  • Triangles, pyramids, diamond, and cone shapes
  • People and animals (including pictures)
  • Electronics and electrical items


Clean Your Helpful People and Travel Gua and Write Down Your Intention

The first ten days of February are the time to evaluate your Helpful People and Travel areas. Clean and refresh these areas. Update what you can. Then, on February 11th, write your intentions and reinforce them with a meditation. As you write, be clear about what you want. Add details. Write in the present tense, just as if things are happening now. Keeping your focus in the present, brings things closer to you. You’re always in the present anyway. You’re never in the past or the future.

Be clear about what you want, write it down and then energize what you’d love to manifest. Putting energy around your intentions at the new moon, after you’ve energized your space, is powerful. Try it for yourself!


Check-in at the February 27th Full Moon

The full moon (and lunar eclipse) check-in that aligns with your Helpful People and Travel gua is February 27th. This is the time to revisit the objectives you set on the February 11th new moon, release your intention, and notice how things are beginning to shift. Full moons are when things come to light. Observe what comes to light this month. The seeds you set on February 11th have taken root and shifts will begin to emerge. Watch the patterns, finetune your approach, and go with the flow.


February Special: Customized Bagua Action Plan for 2021

During February, I am offering a customized “Bagua Action Plan” for 2021. Based on your birthdate, this approach tailors each of the bagua sectors to the moon cycles each month. It’s a great way to be in full alignment with the monthly moon energies.

Customized bagua plans are $150.00 during February (when you mention this newsletter), instead of $180.00. Contact Peg to schedule your 2021 Bagua Action Plan.