Feng Shui and Health

woman on tip toes on top of a fallen tree


People are often amazed when they tune into the patterns that are embedded in their spaces and therefore their lives. The longer you live or work in a location, the deeper the blueprint or connection between you and your space.

Your space can influence your health in profound ways. And the experience is different for everyone, depending on each person’s life and challenges. One person might thrive in one location where someone else may not or may even experience setbacks.

You choose your home and your home chooses you! Sometimes you’re drawn to a space for the life lessons or shifts that you’re meant to make in this life. You might initiate the changes or if you don’t, and they are meant to happen, they’ll happen anyway.

Some environmental factors that influence your health include:

Design Details
The Five Elements and Organ Networks
The Bagua, Body Parts and Emotional Ties

Design Details and Health

We often say that whole, clutter-free spaces help to bring balance and nurture well-being. A whole space is one without a lot of sharp angles and has a good amount of open space. Angles can cut off sections of a building or room and create poison arrows (or sharp, knife-like angles). They can also expand spaces. It all depends on the situation, relative to the area around it. Taken out of context of the broader environment, can lead you to needless angst, worry and incorrect conclusions.

Some design details to be consider:

Design Detail Life Factor
Missing Bagua Area Influence on a specific area of your life
Sharp Angles Sharp, cutting chi, sharp words
Long hallways Racing through life
Narrow passageways Narrow, restricted thinking
Slanted ceilings Pressure, headaches, pushing down
Contrary door that opens to a wall Blocked energy, up against a wall


The Five Elements and Health

The Five Elements are a fundamental aspect in feng shui. They provide insight to many situations. One is how the Five Elements correlate to the five organ networks in your body, as well as in the bagua. They correlate as follows:

Element Organ Network Bagua Area
Wood Liver and Gall Bladder Left-Center: Family
Fire Heart and Small Intestine Back-Center: Fame
Earth Stomach and Spleen Center: Health
Metal Lungs and Large Intestine Right-Center: Children
Water Kidneys and Bladder Front-Center: Career

When you have imbalances in any of your organs, analyzing the patterns in your home, every room in your home, in your land and workspaces can provide clues about how to adjust your spaces to enhance your life.

For example, if you have kidney trouble, work with the Career gua or the front-center area in your spaces. Notice what’s there, remove anything that might be weakening your situation, fix anything that’s broken and then strengthen the chi of the area. Make sure your windows are also clean and in good repair.

Kidneys correlate to Water energy. This in turn, ties in to plumbing. The gua area connects to your passion, career or life purpose. Periodically I see patterns with plumbing leaks, combined with unhappiness with one’s job or career in the center-front of a home. Sometimes the patterns repeat themselves in various ways throughout the space as well. Using this example, I might find other evidence of plumbing leaks, dissatisfaction with one’s job or career, or Water imbalances throughout the space. Water imbalances might show up as excess water (actual water, virtual water, or in art and photos), a lot of glass (widows and/or mirrors), too much black or dark colors, or an over-abundance of swirling objects.

Depending on your situation, you can apply this example to each area that correlates with the five elements.

The Bagua: Body Parts, Organ Networks and Emotions

Another aspect of feng shui and health is correlating body parts and emotional energy to the bagua. See the chart below to match ailments and emotions with specific areas of your home, yard or workspace. The five organ networks are also noted in italics.

You might reflect on what’s happening in your life, as well as patterns and issues that you’d like to shift. Note the area(s) that influence the energy or even hold it in place. See if you can identify anything in the related area of your home that you might shift or adjust to assist positive movement in your life.

Feng shui is not a replacement for medical protocol or procedures, or your life plan. It merely reflects what’s happening in subtle (and sometimes obvious) ways. When you recognize what’s happening, feng shui might help you to understand the power of the Universe more deeply. I know that it has in my life. You can also use it as a tool to assist you on your life’s journey, in whatever way you’d like.



Hips, Pelvis, Thighs
Small bones

Frustration, Anger, Power


Heart, Small Intestine
Eyes, Blood, Circulation

Stress, Anxiety, Burnout,
Overindulgence, Impulse


Internal Organs,
Immune System

Depression, Co-dependency, Overwhelm Mother-related Issues


Liver, Gall Bladder
Feet up to Knees
Big Bones, Muscles

Life Direction, Childhood Issues, Family Secrets, Phobias, Hysteria,


Stomach, Spleen

Worry, Stress, Extremes, Excess, Delusions, Not grounded


Lungs, Large Intestine Mouth, Lips, Gums, Teeth
Fertility Issues, Skin

Grief, Sadness, Addictions,
Rigidity, Chaotic Behavior

Knowledge/ Self-Development

Hands, Fingers, Back
Shoulders, Arms

Fatigue, Lethargy, Doubt, Depression, Disconnection

Career & Opportunities

Kidneys, Bladder
Ears, Hearing Issues
Urinary tract

Melancholia, Nervousness, Fear, Life Force

Helpful People/Travel

Head, Neck, Brain, Pineal Gland, Skull
Mental tension, Worry, Control Issues
Father-related Issues

This is a lot to consider. I recommend that you become a detective in your own space. Take an objective or neutral stance and be open to whatever you discover, without judgment. None of this is about right or wrong. Situations simply “are.” Feng shui is a tool that you can use to make your life a little easier and go with the flow, vs. continually fighting back or rowing against the current. Paraphrasing Abraham, as channeled through Esther Hicks: Rather than row upstream, how about dropping the oars, allow your boat to turn around, and float downstream with the current. You’ll have an easier time and more delightful journey when you do.

If you’d like some help to identify shifts you can make in your space to assist you on your life journey, contact Peg at peg@fengshuiconnections.com. Depending on your location, we can work together either in person or on a long-distance basis.