Feng Shui and the Energy of Water

The words feng shui mean “wind” and “water.” Water is deeply philosophical and represents the unconscious, both collective and personal. The idea is to have water that is alive and vibrant meander gently toward you and embrace you and your space. Water is known for carrying blessings and is represented by all of its forms:

rain, sleet, snow, ice and all forms of precipitation
puddles and mud holes
rivers and streams
ponds and lakes
oceans and seas

Roads are also a modern interpretation of water energy, this includes paths and walkways.

As humans, we’re drawn to water. Your body is about 60% water, and you need to keep it well hydrated for good health. When you’re dehydrated, you’re likely to feel tired and worn down, experience headaches, muscle cramps, depression, hypertension, gall stones, joint complications and more.  

Sense how clean the air feels when you go outside after a rain storm. You’re smelling ozone, along with plant oils and soil bacteria that have been released into the air. With snow, a particular nerve is stimulated in your brain that triggers the unmistakable snow “scent.” It’s also very relaxing to spend time at and in water bodies, when the water is calm, slowly meandering or gently flowing. One of my favorite experiences is spending time in natural mineral baths in Iceland. There are natural healing waters worldwide, including many in the USA and Canada. You might seek these out and experience them as you travel and explore new areas.

I live at a lake. I love experiencing the energy of the water in all seasons. Summer is my favorite time because we can spend extended time on and in the lake. It’s so relaxing. Early morning sojourns are soothing to the soul. I love paddling my kayak or swimming as the day is taking shape. The water is often very calm, and the reflections are amazing.

The quality of reflection is where the concept of mirrors and glass representing the Water element comes from. Mirrors are often referred to as the “aspirin” of feng shui, as they have many uses. A mirror can be useful in any area of your home (any gua), even if the primary energy of the gua conflicts with the water quality of the mirror.

Sometimes mirrors are used to introduce and enhance Water energy. Other times they are used to pull chi in, get it moving, redirect the flow, cut a hole in a blockage (such as a tree or a “dead” door), double the influence of an image and more. Even though many feng shui books say never have a mirror in a bedroom, a properly placed mirror can provide a view of the door (and settle your nervous system) when there are no other options.

Black and very deep tones also reflect water energy. When you look at a still body of water, it often looks black, like an abyss that runs very deep. My pond looks this way. It’s a reminder of the philosophical aspects of water and the search for truth. Water is mysterious, harboring an essence that feeds and renews life. It links the past with the future and is seen as a source for intelligence.  According to Harriet Beinfeld and Efram Korngold in their book, Between Heaven and Earth, water matches knowledge with wisdom, power with compassion, and dreams with aspirations.  

In addition to mirrors, glass (windows), and the color black, free form and wavy shapes, reflective surfaces, cut crystal, pictures of lakes, harbors, ocean views, rivers, and other water bodies, are great ways to add Water energy to any space. Outside, ponds, water features, bird baths, and reflective gazing balls are fabulous enhancements.

A curvy pathway to your front door, wide enough for two people to walk side by side is a very favorable feng shui feature. This encourages a nice flow of chi toward your entrance. Straight walkways set the stage for rushing chi, which bring along stress and anxiety. If you have a straight walkway, you can create a curvy flow with scalloped edges via landscaping and plants at the edges of your walkway.

In balance, Water can assist you to be clever, curious, candid, insightful, and spiritual. It can also help you to think through. You can also have too much. An over-abundance of water leads to people lacking enthusiasm or a zest for life, depression, self-pity, stagnation, being overly blunt, detached, insensitive and lonely. If your environment is lacking Water energy, you might be irritable, stingy, critical, fearful, or superficial.

Too much Water energy can contribute to environments that are too reclusive and if there’s too little the space may feel very dry and lacking vitality. Strive for balance, where you and your environment feel great. Remember, you reflect your environment, and it reflects you.

When you have a unique situation or circumstance, a feng shui practitioner can assist you to use the right enhancement or make the proper adjustment for the appropriate reason. The two go hand in hand: what are you aiming to accomplish and why? If you’d like to further explore these concepts and how you can benefit, contact Peg Donahue to schedule a complimentary 15 minute conversation.