Feng Shui for Small Spaces


A reader recently asked about how to apply feng shui to small spaces, such as a rented room or an efficiency apartment. The answer is that you follow the same approach as a larger space.

  1. Begin by identifying your top three wishes or intentions. This will help you to focus and to identify which areas to work with first. Write your intentions in the present tense, using positive words and just as if they are happening now.
  2. Next, draw your floorplan and lay the bagua over it, similar to a tic toc toe board. You may have small areas sticking out or a few cutout spaces. That’s OK. Lay the bagua map over the majority of your space and write in the names of each of the guas.
  3. Map your intentions to the bagua and highlight the guas that relate to your intentions.
  4. Beginning with the highlighted guas, apply four key principles of feng shui:
    • Only include things your love or use in your space. Eliminate things that annoy you.
    • Make sure the space is safe and feels comfortable. Make sure plumbing, electric and windows are in good order. Adjust sharp edges.
    • Be creative. Put your heart and soul into your space to make it your own. Use colors that inspire you and creative a positive vibe or energy.
    • Organize everything. Give all of your possessions a home. Be creative about storage spaces. In a small spaces, incorporate furniture that doubles as a storage container. Also, eliminate or store off-site items that you don’t use on a regular basis.
  5. Tap into your intentions when applying the bagua
    • Career … if you are looking for a job or want to clarify your life purpose
    • Knowledge … for self-development and to cultivate intuition
    • Family … to deepen relationships with parents, siblings, extended family
    • Prosperity … to strengthen blessings, attract money, cultivate prosperity
    • Fame … to become more well-known, tap into your integrity
    • Partnership … to attract a partner or to strengthen a relationship with a partner
    • Children & Joy … to lighten up and have more fun, to focus on Children
    • Helpful People & Travel … to tap into a support system and/or to travel more
    • Center … for overall health, well-being, balance and grounding
  6. Adjust each area with the Five Elements in mind.
    • Career is a Water area. Enhanced by Metal; weakened by Wood, Fire and Earth.
    • Knowledge, Center and Partnership are Earth areas. Enhanced by Fire; weakened by Metal, Water and Wood.
    • Family and Prosperity are Wood areas. Enhanced by Water; weakened by Fire, Earth and Metal.
    • Fame is a Fire area. Enhanced by Wood; weakened by Earth, Metal and Water.
    • Children & Joy and Helpful People & Travel are Metal areas. Strengthened by Earth; weakened by Water, Wood and Fire.

In addition to your connection with nature and design details, learning how to adjust the Five Elements in your space, with your intentions in mind, is one of the keys to bringing balance and harmony to your environment. Each space should have some aspect of each of the Five Elements. They are represented by color, shape, and other attributes that represent the element.

Each person is unique and so is your space. Feng shui is a living, breathing, every-changing process, because it’s really about the people living and working in the space. If you have a small place, be creative and have some fun with your space, without overloading it lots of décor. In a small area, less is more. Less can also be very meaningful and powerful.

To learn more about the feng shui bagua, read this blog post. https://fengshuiconnections.com/how-to-lay-the-bagua-over-your-floor-plan

You can place a small representation, symbol or other object in each area that connects you to the feng shui meaning of each sector.

If you would like feng shui assistance with your small space, contact Peg at peg@fengshuiconnections.com.