Focused Life Force Energy

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) “creates a positive energetic environment that supports the consciousness of your space and gives you more energy to improve the quality of your life.” Given the current state of affairs, this service is needed more and more. When you have FLFE on your phone, you can carry a nice vibe with you wherever you go. When the consciousness level is higher, you’ll likely be happier every day (or most days), discover solutions to problems more easily, experience better health outcomes, and generally feel good about your options.

FLFE recently upgraded the EMF Mitigation Program on all subscriptions and free trials. This means more harmonization, especially noticeable for those with EMF sensitivities. If you’re a subscriber, there's nothing you need to do, the upgrades were automatic.

The EMF Mitigation enhancements increase the percentage of harmonization of consciousness-lowering EMFs. This upgrade is especially supportive of those with EMF sensitivities. Prior to this upgrade, only consciousness-lowering EMFs were transformed. Now, even neutral EMFs are mitigated.

FLFE has also added additional support for the blood-brain barrier. It’s part of their commitment to continual innovation and providing more value for subscribers.

Here’s a magnetizing process from the founders of FLFE that might interest you. They’ve included some additional aspects for clearing restraints from the past, present and future, that aren’t always considered.

Explore the FLFE website to learn more about FLFE’s full array of services.