Focused Life Force Energy Supports Your Immune System


As we move into fall with the virus still active and the annual flu season approaching, Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) can help you to boost your immune system and those living in your space, or in close proximity to you. At minimum, it’s an antidote to everyday stress and fear, which deplete your energy and therefore your immune system.

FLFE is a service that activates a high consciousness field in your environment (for the property option) or around an object of your choice, such as your cell phone or watch (for the FLFE Everywhere option). A high consciousness field is an environment that has a substantially higher level of consciousness compared to the surrounding area. 

More life force energy or chi is available when you’re in a high consciousness field. In and of itself, this helps to boost your immune system. In addition, the FLFE service helps to optimize nutrients in your food and supplements, enabling your body to effectively digest and absorb them.

The energetic support from FLFE goes to the areas of the immune system that need support, beginning with the lowest functioning area. Once this area rises in the level of consciousness, the energetic support from FLFE is directed to the next lowest area of the immune system. Thus, FLFE directs a higher level of consciousness to the innate intelligence of your body.

FLFE makes no medical claims. The basis of its boost in energy is kinesiology. This is also the basis of David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, that he describes in his book Power vs. Force.  Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness is also referenced in my book, Money Is an Energy Game.

Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to FLFE, and making no medical claims, here are some steps that I keep coming across to help you boost your immune system:

  • Consume less sugar and fewer carbs
  • Exercise daily
  • Listen to soothing, classical, or spiritual music
  • Take some magnesium before bed
  • Get 3 hours with no white light before sleep (get some blue light blocking glasses)
  • Get high quality sleep every night

The folks at FLFE provide a lot of education and information about their products and processes. Watch the first 38 minutes of this FLFE webinar about its Immune Boosting System to learn more. If you’d like to explore other FLFE webinars, they produce a new one two to three times a month. 
If you’re a FLFE subscriber, I’d love to hear about what you’ve noticed. If you’re not, give FLFE a try for FREE for 15 days. The free trials are so easy and there’s no commitment. You can do a free trial for each service and then decide if you’d like to continue. Explore their website to learn more about FLFE’s full array of services