Focused Life Force Energy … You’re Worth the Investment!



Focused Life Force Energy is a service that raises the level of consciousness of the fields around you. You send it to your home, mobile phone, or another personal object. It also harmonizes EMFs, which is a significant benefit.

When you live and work in a high consciousness environment, you might find that people are happier, and life unfolds more easily. Solutions to problems emerge more quickly. You also have more vitality, since your space is free from the draining effects of electronic pollution. You might also feel more calm (or less stressed), in addition to sleeping more deeply.

Since initiating FLFE in my home and installing the service on my mobile phone, I’ve noticed that solutions to everyday events and challenges come to me in amazing ways. I’m more creative about how to accomplish everyday events and my life has much more synchronicity, which is a lot of fun. I had quite a bit of synchronicity before FLFE and in recent months I’ve experienced even more. The days zip by and I’m noticing that I get a lot accomplished with less effort.

FLFE also give me peace of mind. Guests always indicate how deep they sleep in our guest room. Without EMF harmonization, this room would be highly disruptive on an energetic level. It houses our wireless router, in addition to our electric service box and two automated meters located on the exterior wall. The router is inside a router guard) and the automated meters have smart meter guards ( FLFE, I don’t worry about it. I know that the EMFs in our entire house are harmonized.

Harmonized EMFs can help to improve your health and overall well-being. This is huge because our environments are increasingly saturated with EMFs and it’s a challenge to find spaces free from electronic pollution, which drains your energy. With FLFE, you might realize that you have more vitality, feel calmer (or you are less stressed), and sleep more deeply.

A friend who also set up FLFE for her home and phone is experiencing similar results. This is what she has to say: “I notice very strong energy, but very grounded. I am magnetizing every day and things are manifesting very quickly. I also have FLFE on my phone and I find that same feeling of lightness and groundedness. Also, a feeling of connectedness, very clear thinking … I used to have fuzzy thinking. now my mind is very clear.”

I encourage you to check out FLFE for free. You’re well worth the investment. You can do a 15-day FREE trial for your home, phone (or another personal object) and then a second 15-day FREE trial for the other after the first trial is complete. You can also send it to your business. Another benefit of FLFE is that each subscription comes with a “Pay It Forward” gift. This means that when you subscribe to FLFE, you can also send a version at a slightly lower level of consciousness to any location you choose. You get two for the price of one!

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See the FLFE page on my website for more experiences.