Home Feng Shui Tip: Less Is More

zen-bathroomWould you like to create more open space in your current environment? A great way to do this is to use what you already have before purchasing or acquiring more, in every area of your life. Doing so can bring more simplicity to your life while creating more open space. Open space is wonderful! It cultivates calm and creativity, brings answers to problems, and much more.

An easy place to begin is in your bathroom. I typically see many personal care products in bathrooms. Look at every product you have and note what you’re really using. If you have products that you haven’t used in a long time, products you don’t care for, or products that are no longer useful to you, let them go, regardless of initial cost or intent. Items that you don’t use are taking up valuable room, and more importantly, they are consuming energy and space … even if you aren’t giving them attention.

If your bathroom’s in great shape, consider other items, such as food in your cabinets or pantry, storage containers, dishes, paper goods, cleaning products, clothing, technology and gadgets, office products, books, you name it.

Last summer when my husband and I consolidated our two homes, we had lots of duplicates. We’ve been actively using them up. As we do, we’re creating more open space. One of the tricks to making this happen is to store like items together. This makes it much easier to use the extras before you purchase more.