How to Lay the Bagua Over Your Floor Plan

The feng shui bagua is a symbolic map of life issues that maps your home, every room in your home, your land and your workspace or business, to your life.

For the majority of spaces, you place a grid of nine spaces, similar to a tic-tac-toe board, over the floor plan. Some spaces will be square, others might be a vertical or horizontal rectangle. Many times, an area comes up short and does not fully fill the grid or you have extra rooms and additions that pop out or extend beyond the basic bagua. This is all OK and quite normal.

The map of life issues is as follows:

colored bagua map

<—— Place your front door along this line ——>


The Prosperity area is the back-left corner from the front of the house and the Partnership or marriage area is the back-right corner. The area known as Knowledge is the front-left corner and Helpful People is the front-right corner.

You place the bagua on your building, every room in the building as well as the land. Always place it with the primary door or entrance on the bottom line, closest to you as you look into the building from the outside.


Multiple Floors?

If you have multiple floors, place the bagua going up and down, using the same orientation as the main floor. Simply take it up or down.


Note the Life Issue Related to Each Sector

Note the specific life issue of each sector. Then do the same for each room and note the life issue again. As you reflect on each life issue, observe the patterns in your space, particularly for topics of interest or concern.


Look for Patterns and Repeat Patterns

For example, if you want to experience a greater flow of prosperity, note the condition of the back-left corners of your house, every room in your house, and your land. Look for obstacles or blockages and remove or correct them. These might manifest as clutter, too much stuff in too small a space, paper piles, broken items or things needing repair, plumbing or electrical problems, dirty or broken windows, a worn or tired look, and more. As you go deeper into feng shui the patterns might be more subtle.

Look for repeat patterns throughout your entire space … in different rooms, on different floors or in your land. A repeat pattern might be clutter in one room, a plumbing problem in another, a broken window or a jammed door in a third area … all within the same gua, such as the Prosperity gua.


It’s Common to Be Blind to your Own Space

Feng Shui practitioners are trained to note, read and analyze the patterns … all with your intentions in mind. It’s easy to be blind to the patterns in your space. An independent observer can spot patterns immediately that you don’t even see. This is because most people stop noticing things after they have been sitting in the same spot or the same condition for30 days or more. You see it every day, but you overlook the disruption the clutter or blockages may have on your life. Meanwhile, things happen, life gets more complex, you may begin feeling overwhelmed and you don’t know where to begin.


Ask for Help

If this sounds like you, ask for help. A half hour consultation by phone could be just the thing to get you moving! If you’d like help laying the bagua over your home or office floorplan, or verifying that you’ve done it correctly, contact Peg ( ).