Immerse Yourself in the Hidden Harmonies of Nature


Lately I’ve been getting out and hiking Monday through Friday for one to two (sometimes more) hours with one to four other participants. I used to walk alone, and then a friend joined me in March when I stopped going to the gym. One friend grew to two, then three and sometimes more. We’ve been exploring various trails and changing our routine from time to time. Spending time in nature daily is a fun phenomemnon in this time of social distancing.

Spending time outdoors is a fabulous antidote to today’s topsy turvy world. Recently I listened to Barbara Marciniac emphasizing the value of immersing yourself in the hidden harmonies of nature. The same day the Good News Network featured a Scientific American story about the Fibonacci sequence in sunflowers.

There are no coincidences, just lots of synchronicity. To reinforce your health and well-being, I encourage you to spend time in nature every day. Study your surroundings. Notice what’s there and then take some time to observe more and more things. Pick up an acorn or pine cone. Study the pattern in a sunflower. Watch the foliage emerge. Listen to the birds. Observe the patterns of critters … chipmunks, squirrels, toads, bugs. One of the gifts of the pandemic is that we have time to do this. On a 6 mile hike through woods today, my walking companions and I came across a very cool geode, heard an owl off in the distance, saw gorgeous foliage and noticed a snake just as we were approaching out cars. Nature is full of many delights.

In buildings, observe the Golden Mean (Golden Ratio), the proportions that make a space aesthetically pleasing. These are spaces where you feel better, where you want to spend more time. The golden ratio also appears in fractals, patterns that keep repeating themselves.

We’re entering the intuitive age. This is a time for you to master your internal self. As we move into fall, it’s the perfect season. Everything is slowing down and moving inside. The tech world is contributing to an overload of our human nervous system. Practice reducing your reliance on technology and reduce your time with devices. Periodically, let go of the tech world and move into the intuitive world. Doing so will help you to develop your consiousness. As you tune into your inner self, you’ll help to heal yourself and heal the Earth.

Observing the hidden harmonies in nature will also help you to keep your intentions positive and clear. Doing so puts you on the path of goodness. As you stay clear, stay grounded. A helpful practice is to envision a grounding cord extending from your tailbone, deep into the center of the Earth. Visualize attaching it to a large crystal. This will help you to stay tethered. You can move all around and always return to center.

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