July 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

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  • July 12: New Moon and Solar Eclipse
  • July 27: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse
  • July 26: Mercury Retrograde
  • June 28 Full Moon Recap

Did you adjust your Knowledge gua, the front-left corner of your home (or any room) or office, prior to the June 13th new moon? If so, take note of what has shifted or is shifting for you beginning with the June 28th full moon.

Each month, you have an opportunity to come into alignment with lunar cycles by changing the chi of your home or workspace. Prior to each new moon, I recommend an area of your home or work area to adjust or refresh, with your intention in mind. This is the time to clean more thoroughly, remove clutter, repair items that need it, etc. Each activity shifts the chi of your space and helps to enliven it.

When the new moon arrives, do a meditation to activate your intention. Then go about your regular activities for the next two weeks. Of course, you can also continue to work on your space. Two weeks later, tune into the energy of the full moon. This is when things come to light. Look for signs that your intentions have taken root and that a shift is underway.

Be open to changes showing up in new, unique, or unexpected ways. It’s easy to overlook signs of change if you’re holding out for a specific change or evidence of exactly what you’ve asked for. What you ask for may show up differently. The Universe focuses on the essence of your intention and it periodically delivers an even better result than you anticipate.

The Knowledge Gua and Self-Development

For June, the focus was on the Knowledge gua, since June’s new moon was in the sign of Gemini. The Knowledge area of the bagua relates to self-development. It’s about knowing yourself at a deep level, being open to new solutions to problems, tapping into your intuition and gaining insight into what’s really happening in your life.

In my life, I’ve come to realize that we’re on Earth to expand our souls and that everyone’s true work is always on oneself. You might think that other people and challenging circumstances throw your life off-track, but they don’t. Just the opposite happens.

My Personal Experience

In May one of my sisters fell down a flight of stairs, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury to her left frontal lobe, among other things. As a result, I’ve become her health proxy and advocate. I’m learning a lot about myself and my ability to expand my life to accept this new responsibility. I’m learning how to rebalance my activities to make sure that I fit in things I love to do while also doing the best I can for my sister, continuing my work, maintaining my house and gardens, and spending time with family and friends.

I can do the best for her by doing the best for me … genuinely being happy and keeping my chi strong. I’m regularly receiving signals that this is the right way to go. I’ve experienced excellent cooperation with her health providers, solutions are readily emerging, and problems are easily getting solved.

A few times I had to literally drop what I was doing, hop in the car and drive a few hours to attend to my sister’s care. Rather than be upset about this, I’ve chosen to see this as a puzzle that’s being assembled more each day.

This past month I’ve had some great help. My siblings have stepped up and are helping, each in different ways and to varying degrees. Accepting all help and not having any judgment about what anyone can or cannot do, makes a difference.

Early on during her hospital stay, my sister received a notice that her health insurance was cancelled. Apparently, she failed to send in verification that was needed at some point. Rather than be upset about this, I set it aside until things settled down a bit. I knew that providers would want to be paid and I had a hunch that they would assist me.

Sure enough, it happened. After nearly a month in intensive care and another two and a half weeks in a rehabilitation hospital, my sister was moved into a long-term care facility. The day I went to a health insurance center to get the right paperwork in place was magical.

Allow Others to Help You … Ask and You’ll Receive!

The health insurance folks offered to fill out the multi-page application as I provided the information. Just as easily they could have told me to figure it out. After a trip between the processing center and nursing home for signatures, I submitted the forms and had them date stamped before the office closed. It all worked out beautifully.

Prior to my sister moving to long term care, I received a call with four potential choices. I had one day to tour the skilled nursing centers and make a choice. After hanging up, I received a call from one of the centers. They were reaching out to take her and this is where she ended up going. It came down to a decision between two facilities, which had different strengths.

When I ask for help, this is often how things unfold. Help arrives! Yes, I’m making a big effort on my part. I’m also learning a lot along the way. Most of the learning is about me and my reactions to what’s happening. I’m finding that the less judgment, frustration, resentment, anger, sadness, etc. that I hold or carry, the more easily solutions emerge, and help unfolds.

One Sunday early in the month I decided to set things aside and clean pollen from a screened porch and deck. For me, cleaning provides a good time to reflect on what happening. While I was in the middle of the project, I realized that I was working in the Knowledge area of my house and it was a few days before the new moon. This was a fun discovery!

What did you learn about yourself during June?

I’d love to hear about changes you made last month an anything you’re noticing as a result. Contact me at http://fengshuiconnections.com/contact-peg/ .

July Area of Focus: Strengthen Family Connections

On July 12th we have a new moon and solar eclipse in Cancer. The Family gua is the area of the feng shui bagua that aligns with this. This is the left-center area of your home, every room in your home, workspace, and land when you divide the area into a grid of nine blocks, like a tic-tac-toe board.

The Family gua correlates to connections with your immediate family, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings and cousins. This area also represents your past. It’s about your ancestors and where you came from.

The Family gua works in unison with the Children and Joy gua, located opposite, on the right-center side of your space. This sector relates to what you give birth to (children, businesses and creative expression) as well as the future. It’s also about your retirement years.

The Wood Element Supports Family

The Family gua is a Wood area in the Five Element system. This means that Wood energy supports each Family area. Wood energy is strengthened by Water, depleted by Fire, broken up by Earth and chopped by Metal.

The primary quality associated with Wood energy is that of vibrant trees and plants. Many trees have deep roots and lots of branches. When you apply this concept to Family, it’s also about roots running deep and offspring creating new branches.

Wood energy is fed by Water. Visualize rain feeding trees and plants. Overgrown and dry Wood creates a fire hazard in a nature, as lightening strikes easily initiate forest fires. In Family relationships dry Wood could lead to brittle relationships.

Fire burns and turns everything to ash. The ash is earth, from which new plants and trees emerge the next season. Hardened Earth creates metal … or hardened rock, deep within the Earth. Metal, in the form of an ax or sharp tool is then used to chop or cut trees and clear forests of excess Wood.

Observe how the Five Elements interact in nature and then apply the principles to your space and your life. When one aspect is upset or out of balance, use the natural cycles to restore harmony.

Use Feng Shui to Help Transform Family Patterns

If you would like to change or strengthen relationships within your family, transform family patterns, or reinforce happy relationships, give attention to your Family areas this month. You might begin by taking a photo of the left-center areas within your house, every room in your house, your yard and your workspace. Study the photos. Sometimes it’s easier to notice details in a photo that you overlook in person.

Alternatively, deep clean one of more of your Family spaces. Eliminate clutter, remove or repair anything that is broken, and lighten up the space. Then analyze the Five Elements and rebalance the space with a focus on Family. Wood energy should predominate throughout the Family gua. If you have too little, add items or décor that represent Water or Wood energy. If you have too much, remove items that represent Fire, Earth or Metal energy.

If you find this overwhelming, place a beautiful picture of your Family (taken during happy times) or a vase of fresh flowers in the space. Flowers represent Wood energy and they help to lift the chi.

Tips to Strengthen Family Relationships

Here are some suggestions for shifting the chi of your Family gua:

  • Clear the last of the spring pollen.
  • Trim plants and remove the dead ones.
  • Toss out dried flowers or old, tired arrangements.
  • Wash windows and curtains.
  • Dust and vacuum deep into the corners, high and low.
  • Open windows to allow fresh air to penetrate the space.
  • Repair or remove broken items.
  • Toss out old magazines and catalogs.
  • Release paper piles and reorganize books.
  • Remove all unflattering photos.
  • Remove photos that stir up controversy, sadness, anger or frustration.
  • Remove photos that weren’t taken under happy circumstances.
  • Add a beautiful family photo.
  • Add a vase of fresh flowers.
  • Bring in color: blue and green will add Wood energy.
  • Move 27 items that haven’t been touched in a year. Perhaps by the end of adjusting your space, you will have done this! Every action will help to shift energy. Completing a series of action will set change in motion.

Set an Intention for Family Prior to July 12th

After you’ve completed adjusting or uplifting your space, set an intention for your Family prior to the July 12th new moon. Write it down and make sure the words are just the way you want them. I recommend that your intention be positive, present tense, just as if it’s happening now. An example: I’m so glad that my family is happy, healthy and supportive.

July 12th New Moon Meditation

Then on July 12th, read or recite your intention out load and do a meditation to reinforce it. You could also journal, go for a walk, spend time in a quiet place, go to the ocean, a river or lake, etc. Be somewhere that lifts your spirits. As you do, visualize your desired outcome. Skip over how things might happen … that’s the Universe’s job, not yours. Your job is too:

  1. set your intention
  2. take inspired action to root your intention and
  3. visualize your desired outcome.

As you visualize the outcome, skip over “how” things might happen. This is where it’s easy to get bogged down and sabotage the process. Do your work and then get out of your own way. The Universe works in mysterious ways. Open to the possibility of magic happening! If you skip over the “how” and focus on the result, chances are that you’ll see progress more quickly.

Contract me for a 20-minute consultation if you’d like some help evaluating your Family gua (or any other area). A floor plan and some photos or a short video would be helpful.

July Eclipses

Eclipses are periods of significant change. This month a solar eclipse accompanies the July 12th new moon and a lunar eclipse comes with the July 27th full moon. The solar eclipse is at 20 degrees Cancer 41 minutes and the lunar eclipse is at 4 degrees Aquarius 45 minutes. If you have a planet or point within three degrees of these, these eclipses affect you. These eclipses are basically about relationships and friendships. Separations may occur. Positive results can occur if you are quick to act.

If the solar eclipse affects you, speaking from your heart, without fear will yield good results. For the lunar eclipse, use knowledge and wisdom coming from more experienced people, such as elders, to assist you.

Eclipse events can occur up to 30 days before and after each eclipse. The issues brought to light can last 3-6 months for a lunar eclipse and a year or more for a solar eclipse.

Mars Retrograde

Mars went retrograde on June 26th and will continue through August 27th. Mars, the hot, fire planet, represents warrior energy. Mars retrograde cycles occur every other year. This is a time to pause, to reflect on your life and plan for the next two years. It’s not a time to initiate new projects. Hold off on these until the fall. Don’t be surprised if your plans or expectations change between now and then. Even though you don’t know it now, they could! Be patient this summer as you clarify your vision and put a new plan in place.

Read more in Mars Retrograde Blog Post

Mercury Retrograde: July 26 – August 18

Mercury retrograde will be here again at the end of the month: July 26th to August 18th. I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate this cycle. For me, it’s a time to slow down, to catch up with what I’ve started, and to thin things out. It’s a welcome period.

If you are new to this newsletter or to Mercury Retrograde cycles, Mercury rules communication. Three or four times each year, the planet Mercury appears to back up for about three weeks at a time. When this happens, we tend to experience more communication mix-ups and snags, more electronics breaking down, and more accidents.

As a result, it’s highly recommended that you avoid signing contracts (including marriage) or purchasing electronics (including cars). It’s a good idea to lighten up your schedule by at least half and be prepared for unexpected changes and adjustments. If you must purchase electronics, purchase a service contract or have a guarantee that you can return the item if it doesn’t live up to expectations.

Favorable activities during Mercury retrograde include gather information and doing research, repairing items, reviewing and editing documents, continuing with renovations already underway. Think “re” words … most of them apply to Mercury Retrograde cycles.