July 2020 Feng Shui Forecast


  • July 4: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse
  • July 12: Mercury Retrograde Ends
  • July 20: New moon in Cancer


June Recap: Focus on your Family Gua

The new moons for both June and July are in Cancer. The June 21st new moon and solar eclipse was at 0 degrees Cancer and the July 20th new moon is at 28 degrees Cancer. Thus, you have an additional month to focus on your family, your ancestors and working with your Family gua!

If you did some work with your Family gua and set your intentions on June 21st, tune in to the full moon and lunar eclipse on July 4th. Look for signs that your intentions have taken root and that shifts are underway. The full moon is when things come to light. Look and reflect on what you notice.

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July 20 New Moon Focus: Continue with Family Gua

The focus on Family continues through the month of July. Make some additional adjustments to your Family guas and look to the August 3 full moon on to see the ways things are shaping up.

The Family gua is the left-center of your home, every room in your home, your land, and your workspace. The energy of this area relates to your deep family roots. It’s about blood ties to your parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, and cousins.

If you’ve worked with the left-center area of your house and/or your yard, this is a good month to catch up with the Family area in every room of your house. Over the years I’ve found that the patterns repeat themselves. A blockage in one area or one aspect of your life is often replicated in different ways, in multiple areas of your space.

For instance, your Family gua may have clutter. You clear it out, set your intention, do a meditation, and then wait to see what shifts. Meanwhile, The Family sector in different rooms might have a leak, a broken pipe, an electrical problem, broken or dirty windows, a less than flattering photo, art with a message that conflicts with your goals. The spaces might also be too crowded, not comfortable, have colors or décor that no longer pleases you, and much more. Making a change in one area initiates a shift in the energy related to that area. Making multiple changes helps to move things along more quickly.

Since you have another month to focus on your Family gua, I encourage you to walk around and study the left-center areas of all of or spaces. Observe how they feel and how they make you feel. If they don’t bring you joy, reflect on what you can do. Given what you have, how can you adjust the spaces to make them more pleasing? I often find that people have the right things in their homes, but there may be more effective ways of placing things to support your intentions.

When you make changes with your goals in mind, you’re bringing more focus and more energy to the situation. When you do this, it’s important to set your intentions and goals from a positive perspective and to state them in the present tense. Act just as if they are happening now. For example, an affirmation such as: “I’m so glad that my family is healthy and happy,” will strengthen these energies, even if this is not your current experience.


The Family Gua and your Health

From a health perspective, the Family gua is linked to your liver and gall bladder organ network, as well as your feet. If you’d like to strengthen or improve these areas of your health, working with your Family gua as well as the Family area in each room of your house (workspace and yard, too), can help.

The Liver Network is linked to Wood energy, which is represented in nature by trees, flowers, and plants. Your feet also root you to the earth. Families are traced through family trees and the Tree of Life is a symbol that represents personal development, as well as knowledge, wisdom, and experience as you move through life.

Wood energy is nurtured by Water and consumed by Fire. Earth and Metal assist to keep Wood under control. Earth covers the roots of trees, allowing for more growth. Metal axes are used to chop Wood when a tree needs to be trimmed or removed, or there is excess. Tree images are wonderful symbolism for the Family gua. If you’d like to strengthen family ties, hang a beautiful picture of a tree, plants, or flowers, and set your intention.

Pictures of feet could be another great representation for your family and family ties. My daughter has always loved taking pictures of feet. They are quite interesting and provide deep symbolism. The sky is really the limit when it comes to your imagination and the various ways you can reinforce your intentions throughout your house. Use your imagination and also make sure that you really like everything you all around you. If you don’t like something and place it anyway, because you think you should, it’s counterproductive. It drags your energy down. Instead, surround yourself with furnishings and décor that uplift you and your family.

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For optimal results, clean and energize your Family gua and the Family area of each room prior to the July 20 new moon. Then, set your intention and strengthen it by doing a meditation on the day of the new moon.


Write Your Intention

Write down your wishes related to family bonds, relationships, or matters. Use present tense, positive words, just as if it is happening now. For example: “I am so grateful that my family is reconnecting during this challenging time and that our relationships are growing stronger than ever.” Place your intention in a red envelope, reinforce it with a prayer or blessing and place it in your Family gua. The more specific you are, the easier it is to get results.


Reinforce Your Intention with a New Moon Meditation

Do a mediation on July 20, the day of the new moon, to help your intentions take shape. Think of this as planting a seed. When you specify your intentions and then bring attention to them via a meditation, you’re planting the seeds of change, helping them to further develop or strengthen the situation at hand. Believe in your intentions, get excited about them, and visualize the results unfolding in your life. After this, go about your daily activities and check back in two weeks with the August 3rd full moon.


July 4 Lunar Eclipse

The July 4th penumbral eclipse is the third eclipse over the past month. Eclipses come in pairs (and sometimes in threes) and occur six months apart. We’ll be able to see it in most of North and South America.  In New England, it will occur during the evening hours. Chick here for more information: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2020-july-5

Eclipses represent times of significant change. The shifts can begin about 30 days before and after each eclipse. The issues that surface can last three to six months for a lunar eclipse. According to Madeline Gerwick, the July 4th eclipse is about the foundation of your circumstances, challenging situations, separations, restrictions, and/or misconceptions. There’s no surprise here as we continue to move through the global pandemic and figure out new ways to live with it.

The eclipse comes during a Mercury Retrograde cycle too, so that adds to the confusion. In my opinion, it’s best to lay low and withdraw from the chaos as much as you can. Continue to figure out how you can be happy regardless of outer circumstances.


Mercury Retrograde ends July 12

Space out your commitments and obligations during the first two weeks of July. Mercury retrograde brings confusion, mix-ups, and delays. Be aware that it’s also best to avoid purchasing electronic items (including cars), sign contracts, get married and more.

Rather, it’s a great time to continue to re-do things, renovate, repair items, research, read and more. Read last month’s suggestions here https://fengshuiconnections.com/ideas-for-mercury-retrograde-


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