June 2018 Feng Shui Forecast

laughing buddha statue with yellow flowers in background

  • June 13: New Moon
  • June 28: Full Moon
  • Mars Retrograde


May 29 Full Moon Recap

Did you adjust your Prosperity gua, the back-left corner of your home (or any room) or office, prior to the May 15th new moon? If so, take note of what has shifted or is shifting for you beginning with the May 29th full moon.

You have a wonderful cycle to set intentions with new moon each month. Tying your intentions to the energy of the new moon and correlating them with the related area in your home and/or workplace, can help you to manifest results more easily. To help you out, I write about this each month.

After taking inspired action (such as adjusting the related area in your house) and setting intentions with the new moon, notice what happens beginning with the full moon two weeks later. This is when things come to light. It’s a time to notice and acknowledge the subtle changes. Observe what’s shifting for you. Everything counts. When you do this, more changes show up, as your intentions take deeper root.

The May new moon related to the Prosperity area of your home, the back-left corner of your home (or office) and every room in your home, as well as your yard or landscape.

As you connect with this area energetically, recognize the fortunate blessings in your life. We all have some, regardless of circumstances. Blessings come in many forms. For some people, it may be money or financial blessings. For others, blessings may show up in the form of helpful people, vibrant health, deep and meaningful relationships, a new job, solutions to problems, you name it. Anything that raises your energy, brings relief to troubling situations and/or helps you to feel better or to be happy, is a blessing.

I’d love to hear about changes you made last month and anything you’re noticing as a result. Contact me to let me know how it went!

June Area of Focus: A Month for Self-Development

The June 13 new moon in Gemini aligns with your Knowledge gua. This is the left-front area of your home, every room in your home, workspace, and land when you divide the area into a grid of nine blocks, like a tic-tac-toe board.

The Knowledge gua is about personal development. This is so timely! We’re in a five-month phase of volatile planetary energy (May – September). This includes the planet Mars going retrograde on June 26th until the end of August, a cycle that occurs every two years. Business tends to slow down during Mars Retrograde. Rather than push forward and begin new projects, you’re meant to reassess what’s going on and write a plan for yourself (and your business) for the next two years. Results for business initiatives that get started during Mars retrograde cycles come in well below expectations.

As we move into summer, take some time to do your personal planning. Relax, reassess where you are and reflect on where you’d like to head for the next two years. The first two weeks of June are an excellent month to adjust the Knowledge areas of your home and workspace. Doing so might inspire you to focus on personal growth and development during July and August.


The Knowledge Gua and Earth Energy

Earth energy governs the Knowledge Gua. Earth is strengthened by Fire energy, weakened by Metal, muddied by Water and disrupted by Wood. What does this mean? If you’d like to strengthen the Knowledge gua, include items that represent Earth and Fire energy. If your Knowledge gua already has a lot of Earth energy, you can rebalance the area by bringing in objects that contribute Metal, Water and/or Wood energy.

Balance is relative to each space. It does not mean equal amounts of the elements. Rather, it’s a feeling of harmony.

My husband and I planted our annual flower boxes over Memorial Day weekend. I helped choose the flowers and he did the prep work! We make a great team. This year we selected yellow “Million Bells” plants for flower boxes that will reside in the Knowledge area of our lot and the Helpful People and Travel area of our house.

Yellow million bells in green planter box

red and yellow flowers in corner of gardenAlthough we initially intended to get a different color, yellow was the only color available in the quantity we needed. The Universe guided us well. It turns out that yellow is perfect for this area. Yellow represents the Earth element, which rules the Knowledge area and strengthens Helpful People (which is a Metal gua).

For a garden in the Knowledge area of our yard, I decided to add some red, orange, some pink and yellow, prior to remembering that this was the Knowledge area. A little blue would also work (read more about blue further down). These are very supportive colors for this gua.

As you do your gardening, have fun and let your intuition be your guide. Chances are it will lead you to exactly what your space needs!


Earth Fire Energy Attributes

In your garden and spaces, Earth energy is represented by:

  • Yellow and all earthy colors … think “fall” palette
  • Square and boxy shapes
  • Earthenware and pottery
  • Shells and natural items
  • Plants that hug the ground … such as boxwood
  • Furniture that is low to the ground
  • Cotton, linen and natural fabrics


Fire energy is represented by:

  • Red (and all variations)
  • Triangles, pyramids and cone shapes
  • Lights … garden lights are great
  • People and animals
  • Wool and Leather


The Mountain Trigram

The Mountain trigram from the I Ching is another aspect of the Knowledge gua. Mountain is the foundational energy of this area. The Mountain trigram is depicted by two broken or yin lines on the bottom with a yang or solid line on top. This is a deep, reflective energy. It’s a place you go to seek solace and silence, enabling you to tune into what’s hidden beneath the surface in your subconscious. The yin lines represent your inner self, capped off by a firm outer layer … the version of you that you present to the world.

The feng shui color for the Knowledge gua is blue, such as the slate blue of the mountains. Thus, including some blue in your Knowledge areas is a good way to introduce or strengthen Mountain energy. Hanging a mountain picture or including a Mountain sculpture works too!

The cycles of the Universe provide wonderful guidance for living in harmony with each other and the Earth. I encourage you to take time this month (and this summer) to do some self-reflection. If something needs to change in your life, make it a priority … or the Universe will do it for you.

This happened to one of my sisters in early May. She has needed to make some life changes for quite some time. Since she didn’t do it on her own, the Universe jolted her! She had a severe fall and is now facing a long recovery. It’s an opportunity to remake her life and come out ahead. There’s a reason we have five months of disruptive energy this year. We have a lot of changes to make to create a better world … and it begins with each one of us.


Tips to Adjust Your Knowledge Gua

This month adjust your Knowledge gua prior to the June 13th new moon. Then set intentions for yourself on June 13th and notice the development toward your goals beginning with the June 28th full moon.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Thoroughly clean one or more rooms in the front-left corner of your space.
  2. Lighten up. Switch over from winter to summer, if you haven’t done so.
  3. Eliminate paper piles, thin out magazines and catalogs.
  4. Check light bulbs. Replace any that are burnt out.
  5. Wash the windows in the Knowledge gua for clear vision.
  6. Evaluate and rebalance your Knowledge gua, emphasizing Earth energy.
  7. Add some blue, yellow, orange or red.
  8. Hang a mountain picture.
  9. Plant a garden in the Knowledge area of your yard.

Contract me for a 20-minute consultation if you’d like some help evaluating your Knowledge gua (or any other area). A floor plan and some photos or a short video would be helpful.


Mars Retrograde

Last month I wrote about the cycle of explosive and disruptive energy that we’re in for about five months. On June 26th, the planet Mars goes retrograde through August 27th, adding to the confusion. Mars represents warrior energy. It’s the red hot, fire planet.

The cycle happens every two years. Its purpose is to encourage you to take a time-out, to reflect and plan for the next two years. It is not a time to begin new projects or initiatives.

See this month's Mars Retrograde post for more information.