March 2019 Feng Shui Forecast

snowdrop blossoms next to snow


  • March 5 – 30 Mercury Retrograde
  • March 6: New Moon in Pisces
  • March 20: Full “Worm” Moon, First Day of Spring, Spring Equinox

Last month I got ahead of the calendar. The February 4th new moon was in Aquarius and the March 6th new moon is in Pisces. Thus, the February area of focus should have been Helpful People and Travel and March the Center of your home. If you focused on the Center last month, you’re ahead for the month. I’m repeating last month’s tips about the Center below and including a post for adjusting Helpful People and Travel. Keep the Center energized this month while also giving Helpful People and Travel some attention.


Health and the Center of Your Home

The Pisces new moon on March 6th correlates with the Center of your home and workspace. The energy of this area is associated with overall health and well-being. Creating beautiful energy in the Center of your home or workspace sets a vibrant and healthy tone in your space and helps to reinvigorate your life.


Create A Spacious Feeling in the Center of Your Home

To the extent you can, create spaciousness in the Center of your home or workspace. If the area is cluttered, reduce or omit it. Let go of what you really don’t need and organize the rest. Give everything a home. In other words, put things away and put them in places where you’ll easily find them when you want. If your space is very tight, rethink it. Identify what you can live without (at least for now) and let go of what you don’t need or neatly store it elsewhere.

Surrounding yourself with clutter bogs you down. You probably don’t want this. Set an intention to create more clear space and then see it happening easily for you. Acting on your intentions may take less time than you realize. As spring draws near I’m anxious to give my house a thorough spring cleaning. It’ll be the end of March before I can fully use my left arm and hand though. Until that time I am diligently clearing out things that have accumulated over the winter and gathering up things we no longer need. I’ve been letting go of excess magazines and catalogs. I regularly replace old catalogs with new ones as they arrive. Now I’m tossing out more of the ones we don’t plan to order from anyway. They gather dust and take up space.


Balance the Earth Element

The Center of your space is an Earth area in the Five Element system and Earth is strengthened by Fire. This means that Earth and Fire energy strengthen the Center of your home or workplace. Earth and Fire energy are represented by:

  • Yellows, earth tones, red and pink
  • Pottery and earthenware
  • Adobe, brick and tile
  • Shells and natural items
  • Square and triangle shapes
  • Low, heavy furniture
  • Lights and candles
  • People and animals, including pictures

If the Center of your space is already very Earthy, some Metal, Water or Wood energy can help to bring in into balance. Metal energy weakens the earth. Water muddies it and Wood breaks it apart. During 2019, I recommend balancing excess Earth in the Center with Wood or Water energy vs. Metal energy. This is due to the Flying Stars. So, for 2019, limit Metal energy in the Center of your home. If you already have some there (and we all do), don’t worry about it. Just don’t add more.


Plants and Flowers in the Center Can Be Helpful in 2019

A vibrant plant or a vase of fresh flowers in the Center of your home will help to balance excess Metal energy this year. Plants and flowers represent Wood energy. From a feng shui perspective, Metal “cuts” Wood. Think of how one uses an ax to chop down a tree. Metal controls Wood. Thus, Wood energy helps to consume, use or occupy Metal. Therefore, it can be a good choice to reduce Metal energy.

Metal energy is represented by:

  • Gray, white and pastel colors
  • Gold, silver, brass, aluminum and all metals
  • Marble, granite and flagstone
  • Natural crystals
  • Circle, oval and arch shapes

Water energy is represented by:

  • Black, and deep, dark tones
  • Glass, mirrors and windows
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Free form, wavy and symmetrical shapes
  • Water features
  • Pictures of water and water bodies (lakes, ocean, rivers, harbors …)

Wood Energy is represented by:

Blues and greens

  • Trees and plants
  • Flowers and floral patterns
  • Stipes and columns
  • Horizontal rectangle shapes

Every space should have representation of all five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). The level of each element changes depending on how a space is used and where it’s located in the bagua. If you’re not sure, aim to please yourself. Tap you’re your intuition and create a space that appeals to you. When spaces look and feel great, they are usually well balanced.


The Influence of the Center on Your Health

Health-wise, the Center of your space is associated with your immune system, infectious diseases, tumors, fevers, circulation, blood sugar problems, blood pressure, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, lymph and nervous system. Stress, anxiety, extremes and excess, worry, delusions, and feeling ungrounded. If any of these issues are prevalent in your life, rebalancing the energy in the Center of your home or workspace could help to shift your health condition and perhaps bring easy solutions to you.


Set Intentions and Check in with the Full Moon

After prepping your space by clearing clutter, cleaning and refreshing the Center of your home, do a meditation on March 6th and set an intention for yourself that relates to your overall health and well-being.

Things come to light with each full moon. It’s a good time to notice what’s happening and how it influences your life. One thing that came to light for me with the February new moon is that I goofed when I wrote the February newsletter! I wrote about Health rather than Helpful People. Perhaps it was a foreshadowing of sorts.

As I reflect, many Helpful People emerged to assist me this month. I received excellent medical attention when I slipped and broke my wrist. The doctor thinks that there’s a good chance it will heal without surgery. My neighbors cleared and sanded our driveway while my husband and I were at the hospital. In addition, a good friend reminded me about the value of Ayurveda and consulted with the doctors in India about what I should take. I learned about ayurvedic medicines to help heal bone fractures and strengthen bones all around. A nice outcome is that my all of bones could end up much stronger.

I also became familiar with the benefits of comfrey, which is also known as knit bone. It’s a plant that is known to heal bone fractures, sprains, swelling, burns and more. I’ve been drinking comfrey tea and I now have a salve to keep on hand to help with bones, joints, muscles and cartilage.