Mercury Retrograde October 31 – November 20

Mercury retrograde is here again, October 31 – November 20, 2019. Even though it has a bad rap, it can be a very good time for many worthwhile activities.

The planet Mercury influences communications. Every three months it appears to back up for approximately three weeks. During this time, there are patterns of communication mix-ups, increased schedule conflicts, more accidents and other communication issues.

As a result, it’s recommended during this period that you:
Lighten your calendar … cut commitments in half and allow more time between appointments.

Avoid purchasing electronics and big-ticket items … plan to make your purchases before or after this three-week period. If you must make electronic or automobile purchases during this time, get a warranty.

Sign contracts before or after Mercury retrograde … a contract is a commitment. Chances are there will be changes or regret to contracts signed during a Mercury retrograde cycle. This includes marriage.

Be careful with your words … speak consciously during this cycle. Also, if you can’t say something nice, this is a time to be quiet and don’t say anything. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Words can be misconstrued during this time as communication and intent gets mixed up.

Take extra care while driving … traffic accidents tend to be heavier and more intense during Mercury retrograde cycles. Do your part by staying alert, allowing extra space between cars, slowing down, and letting others move ahead of you. Build in extra time to get to work, do your errands and arrive punctually for your appointments.

By planning ahead and being aware during this cycle, you can have an easy time. Notice when others are getting frustrated or upset without pulling yourself into the fray.

Mercury Retrograde cycles are excellent times to research, review and redo things. Think of words that begin with the letters “re” and you’re likely to have a worthwhile Mercury Retrograde activity. Some activities that come to mind are:

  • Review projects or information that’s been lying around or piling up
  • Renovate a room or area of your home or workplace
  • Repair anything that is worn or broken. Catch up with projects!
  • Reorganize closets, drawers and storage spaces.
  • Release extras and items you no longer need.
  • Research topics you’d like to learn more about.
  • Relax and read. This is great for your body and soul.
  • Reach out to family, friends and colleagues for support, if you need some.
  • Recapture your zest for life and interest in joyful activities.
  • Rest and recuperate if you’ve had setbacks or you’re pushing too hard.
  • Redesign or refinish something to give a favorite piece a new life.
  • Reflect on your life and what you’d like to change, strengthen or improve.
  • Redirect your activities and rejuvenate yourself. Plan or take a vacation.
  • Remain focused and centered.
  • Retreat to a sanctuary or sacred place to reflect on what’s most important.

I have grown to love Mercury Retrograde cycles. They are an opportunity for me to slow down and relax. For part of this cycle, I’ll be on vacation … exploring a new city. I’ll tell you about it next month.

Planning ahead, mark the Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2020 on your calendar:

  • February 17 – March 10
  • June 18 – July 12
  • October 14 – November 3