Mercury Retrograde September 27th through October 18th


If you’ve been feeling like you need time to catch up, it’s coming! Mercury Retrograde from September 27th through October 18th is the perfect time to slow down, clean things out, make repairs, do research, and reconnect with those who you’ve missed.

Mercury is the planet that rules communications. It appears to back up and retrace its path about three times a year for approximately three weeks. Take care of important business ahead of this cycle. Sign contracts and purchase electronics before or after the Mercury retrograde cycle, but not during it. More things tend to go awry during this period. Communications get mixed up, electronics break down, cars have trouble, accidents occur. You can thrive during this cycle by planning ahead and taking advantage of ideal activities to do while Mercury is retrograde. Mercury will be backing up in Libra, the sign of balance, during this particular cycle. Perhaps we’ll see more balanced information emerging?

During Mercury retrograde cycles it’s recommended that you:


  • Tightly schedule appointments or activities,
  • Purchase cars, computers, phone, appliances, or other electronics,
  • Argue or get pulled into nasty disagreements,
  • Drive aggressively or erratically,
  • Sign contracts.


  • Cut your schedule in half,
  • Allow more time between appointments,
  • Be kind to yourself and other people,
  • Pause, breathe, and think before reacting to anything that annoys you,
  • Drive carefully … pay attention to other drivers,
  • Plan renovations and remodeling projects,
  • Research future options and intended purchases.
  • Relax and read.

For inspirational Mercury Retrograde activities, look to words that begin with the letters “re.” Here are some worthwhile activities:

Within your home or workspace:

  • Redo your workspace … working from home will continue for a bit.
  • Recreate a space for yourself or other family members.
  • Refresh, renovate, or repaint a room.
  • Repair something worthwhile.
  • Repurpose one or more items.
  • Refinish furniture.
  • Repot house plants. Thin out your garden.
  • Release old emails, text messages and electronic files you no longer need.

For yourself:

  • Retreat at home or have a spa day.
  • Reflect deep within yourself.
  • Reconsider your choices.
  • Release fears, trapped emotions, and nonbeneficial beliefs.
  • Reassess your plans for the remainder of the year.
  • Rediscover interests.
  • Rehearse and/or record videos or music.
  • Read books, magazines, or other items of interest.
  • Rewrite something.
  • Remain grounded and centered.

I love Mercury Retrograde cycles. They provide me the freedom to slow down, clean things out, and catch up with activities that have been set aside during busier periods.

This is the last Mercury Retrograde cycle for 2021. The next one is January 15 – February 5, 2022.