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December 2021 Newsletter

New Moon in Sagittarius ... Let Your Light Shine!

November 2021 Newsletter

New Moon in Scorpio ... Focus on Prosperity

October 2021 Newsletter

The Five Element Connection

September 2021 Newsletter

New Moon in Virgo ... Focus on Yourself!

August 2021 Newsletter

Personal Empowerment ...Your Path Forward

July 2021 Newsletter

Check-in at the Full Moon

June 2021 Newsletter

It's Mercury Retrograde time again!

May 2021 Newsletter

Feng Shui at Your Front Door

April 2021 Newsletter

Feng Shui at Your Front Door

March 2021 Newsletter

March Means New Growth

January 2021 Newsletter

A Year for Transformation

December 2020 Newsletter

Cultivate Joy from Within

November 2020 Newsletter

Gratitude ... Does Wonders for Your Health

October 2020 Newsletter

Bring Balance to Partnerships

September 2020 Newsletter

What's Behind Your House Number? Energy!

August 2020 Newsletter

Connect with your Inner Child

May 2020 Newsletter

Knowledge and Self Development

April 2020 Newsletter

Global Transformation

March 2020 Newsletter

Spring is in the Air!

February 2020 Newsletter

The Center of Your Space

December 2019 Newsletter

Bringing 2019 to a Close

November 2019 Newsletter

Cultivate Prosperity And Self-Knowledge

October 2019 Newsletter

Deepen Partnerships and Cultivate Prosperity

September 2019 Newsletter

Clear, Energize, and Enhance