November 2020 Feng Shui Forecast


  • November 3rd Mercury Retrograde Ends
  • November 13th Mars Retrograde Ends
  • November 15th New Moon in Scorpio
  • November 26th Thanksgiving
  • November 30th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

October 2020 Recap: Bring Balance to Partnerships

The October 16th new moon in Libra correlated with the Relationship and Partnership gua, the back-right corner of your home, every room in your home and your land. Did you take some time to enhance your Relationships and Partnership areas? If so, check in with the October 31st full moon to note what’s shifting or coming to light. Perhaps a relationship was strengthened, a new partner emerged, or a problem was resolved.

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Also, the Mercury and Mars Retrograde cycles clear November 3rd and 13th respectively. It’ll takes a few days before the planets move forward again. If you haven’t done your strategic plan for the nest two years, you have time to jot it down before November 13th. Doing so will make things easier for you.

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November 15th New Moon: Prosperity and Abundance!

The November 15th new moon in Scorpio correlates with the Wealth and Abundance gua, the back-left corner of your home, every room in your home and your land. November is a month to tune into your blessings, express gratitude, and experience abundance. It’s a month for giving thanks and sharing the bounty for the harvest.

The Wealth and Abundance gua, also called Prosperity, is first about recognizing the good fortune in your life. When you do this and you’re genuinely grateful, abundance flows in multiple ways. It may come to you as money. It can also show up as more blessings, good luck, treasures, gifts, coupons and discounts, a raise in pay, found money, a new job, growth in funds and investments, savings on one or more items, you name it.

A quality of the Wealth gua is “Wind” and it’s also known as “The Gentle.” It’s a yin, feminine energy. Wind can range from being a gentle breeze or fierce hurricane winds. Aim for a calm, easy flow of energy to support your initiatives and desires in this area.


Prosperity is Rooted in the I Ching

In the I Ching, Wind energy correlates with the Eldest Daughter. The Eldest Son holds the Thunder position of Wood energy and moves through life breaking down barriers and carving new paths. The Eldest Daughter, on the other hand, has a calmer presence.

Feng shui is rooted in the I Ching, known as the Book of Change and the oldest book of divination. This book is a study of 64 unique and all-encompassing observations about human behavior and the continually changing Universe. The patterns derive from eight primary energies of Water, Earth, Thunder, Wind, Heaven, Lake, Mountain and Fire. Each of these energies holds a place in the feng shui bagua. They are designated by three stacked solid and broken lines.

The lines of each trigram are read from the bottom up. Encoded in this combination of yin (broken line) and yang (solid line) energy is the place in the Chinese family of a mom, a dad, three sons and three daughters. The Wind trigram is signified by a broken line on the bottom and two solid lines on top. When the trigrams are doubled up, one on top of another, they form the 64 hexagrams. (Think back to math class, 8 x 8 = 64.)

Hexagram 57, Wind over Wind, is known as Penetrating Influence, an all-pervading, steady power. Gentleness and kindness are the key to this energy that leads to success. Rather than forging ahead, a firm yet gradual, steady approach toward your goal is recommended. Being inconspicuous and emulating a gentle breeze can help you develop a clear purpose and long-term success. Gradual influence leads to ongoing refinement and steady progress. It can help you develop a vision of what you want, attract resources, cultivate relationships, improve your emotional and physical health, acquire good judgment and achieve long-term success.


Strengthen Prosperity with Wood and Water Elements

In the Five Element system, the Wealth gua is associated with Wood energy. This is a vibrant, upward growing energy. In nature it’s represented by trees, flowers, and plants. In your environment, it’s also represented by the colors green and blue, vertical stripes and tall rectangles, floral motifs, designs and fabrics, or art with these representations.

Wood is strengthened by Water. Thus, adding a water feature or a representation of water is helpful in your Wealth areas. Water is represented by water itself, pictures of water, glass and mirrors, free form, wavy and symmetrical patterns, and reflective surfaces.


Revitalize Your Prosperity Gua

Prior to enhancing your Prosperity gua this month, I recommend that you begin with a deep fall cleaning during the first two weeks of November. This will re-energize your space and strengthen your intentions. Remove clutter, dust and vacuum high, low and deep into the corners and under furniture, wash your windows and glass on picture frames and mirrors, dust or clean lamp shades. Remove any remnants of summer and replace them with more seasonal items.

It’s easy for clutter to quickly accumulate! We all have it. If you stay on top of it and regularly clear out excess paper and magazines, put things away where they belong, and tidy up, it’s easier to refresh one area each month.

Once you’ve cleaned your Wealth gua, add (or revitalize) a few enhancements. You don’t need many. Less is more. Here are some suggestions for the back-left corner of your space to strengthen Wealth and cultivate Prosperity:


8 Tips to Enhance your Prosperity gua

  • Hang a mirror or clean one that’s already there
  • Place a water feature … with pleasant sounds and minimal splashing
  • Hang a photo or painting that features water
  • Place a healthy green plant or a vase of flowers
  • Add a treasured item
  • Hang a round-faceted crystal, on a red string of 9-inch increments
  • Include the colors blue, green, purple or a bit or red or gold
  • Anything that reminds you of blessings or prosperity


November 15: Intention Setting and New Moon Meditation

After cleaning and enhancing your Wealth gua, write down your intentions and do a meditation around them on Sunday, November 15th, the day of the new moon. Doing so will help to seed your intentions and give them more power.


Tune in to the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on November 30

Two weeks later, the full moon is when things come to light. Use this time to notice what’s happening and what has shifted since you set your intentions. Look for subtle signs that your intentions have taken root.

We also have an eclipse on November 30th. According to Madeline Gerwick, this eclipse could be intense emotionally, particularly regarding money or relationships. Be on the watch for this and put a strategy in place to prevent getting caught up in the whirlwind. It’s been a tumultuous year already. A secondary aspect of this eclipse is to work from a plan as you move ahead to seek what you what. Take your time and think things through before acting.