October 2020 Feng Shui Forecast


  • October 1: Full Moon
  • October 13: Mercury Retrograde through November 3
  • October 16: New Moon
  • October 31: Full Moon

September Recap: Focus on Overall Well-Being

The September 17th new moon in Virgo correlated with the Center of your space. The energy of this area is all about your health and well-being. The quality of the energy in the Center permeates throughout your entire house (or related room, workspace, etc.), so it’s in your best interest to keep the center of your space in top-notch condition.

This new moon paved the way for the October 1st full moon. If you adjusted the Center of your space in mid-September and set intentions, October 1st is an ideal day to tune in and reflect on what is coming to light or what has shifted. You might feel uplifted or have more energy, perhaps a solution to a problem came to you, or maybe you’re feeling more grounded or more at ease.

Click here if you’d like to review the September recommendations: https://fengshuiconnections.com/september-2020-newsletter/


October 16 New Moon: Bring Balance to Partnerships

The October 16th new moon in Libra correlates with the Relationship and Partnership gua, the back right corner of your home, every room in your home and your land.  Relationships and partnerships provide a good opportunity for you to do some self-reflection and deep inner work. Reinforce what is working well and shift the things you'd like to change. If the relationships in your life are not going the way you’d like or they’re not supporting your dreams or intentions, reflect on ways that you contribute to the situation and make a commitment to change. Making a few adjustments in your house can help support your efforts. Enhance these areas prior to October 16th.

Keep in mind that your energy is always being reflected back to you as you interact with others. If something annoys you about a partner or spouse, look within yourself and explore what it’s all about. On the outer level, you can adjust your space to support your efforts to strengthen a relationship with or attract a partner.

The Relationship and Partnership gua works in unison with the Knowledge gua, which is diagonally opposite in the front-left corner of your space. The two go hand in hand. Having a good relationship with yourself, helps you to have a worthwhile partnership with someone else.

A deeper aspect of the Relationship and Partnership gua is that this area also represents mother and Mother Earth. Thus, your relationship with your mom (and your mother-in-law, if applicable) can help or hinder your relationship with a spouse or partner. Good and great relationships with your mother facilitate supportive relationships with others. If your relationship with mom is (or was) rocky, this could be reflected in your space via energetic blocks. A block might manifest as clutter, something broken or in disarray, problems with electric or plumbing, broken windows, pictures or art with troubling patterns, and more.


Clean Your Relationship and Partnership Area Before Enhancing It

I highly recommend that you clean any area before you intentionally adjust or enhance it. Otherwise, you could be enhancing low energy and giving more power to the opposite of what you want.

To clear stagnant energy from your Relationship and Partnership gua:

  • Clear away any trash, clutter, and or items that have been sitting idle for a while.
  • Wash the windows and glass on picture frames.
  • Dust and vacuum along the edges and deep into the corners, high and low.
  • Vacuum upholstery.
  • Wash slipcovers.
  • Clean and reorganize contents of drawers, closets, and cupboards.
  • Dust and wash your lamps and lights. Replace burnt out lightbulbs.
  • Trim and refresh plants. Remove dried flowers or dead plants.
  • Clear excess from tabletops.

After cleaning the area, you’ll be ready to adjust and rebalance the chi.


The Relationship and Partnership Gua: Earth Energy

Similar to the Center of your space, and the Knowledge and Wisdom gua, the Relationship and Partnership gua is an Earth area. It’s strengthened by Fire energy and weakened by Metal, Water and Wood energies. Thus, focus on Earth and Fire elements if you’d like to activate this area of your life while minimizing Metal, Water and Wood aspects.

Earth is a unifying element. When in balance, Earth is supportive, nurturing and comforting. It’s reassuring. Think “Mother Earth” and the bounty we gather in the fall. You can use your home to provide a solid foundation in your life, providing stability in this chaotic world and a feeling of being grounded every day. 

Key Earth qualities include:

  • Nurture
  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Support
  • Feeling grounded
  • Having a solid foundation
  • Unification

Too much Earth can bring smothering and suffocation. Too little Earth is a dry or parched energy. When Earth is deficient, you might have concerns about survival or feel that you lack a  support system. You might also be emotionally and spiritually closed or cutoff. Many people could be feeling this way after being isolated for the past six months due to the Coronavirus.

In addition, we’re experiencing severe drought conditions in New England. We’re about nine inches short of rain year to date. The earth is parched, plants and trees are stressed, and wells are going dry. We need water to bring the Earth and land into balance. A water feature, a mirror or a reflective surface or object can bring water energy to a deficient space.

When Earth energies are in excess, you might experience or display muddled thinking, have constant worry, or feel stifled or smothered. You or others in your space might be overprotective, feeling that you can never do enough to please others.

Too much or too little of any element is never helpful. Earth prefers balance and harmony over conflict.

Earth qualities are accentuated in autumn, our harvest season. Earth is represented by the fall color palette (and yellow, in particular), earthy items such as brick, pottery and earthenware, seashells and square shapes. Furniture and items that hug the earth or lay close to the ground are earthy in nature. Large, oversized sofas and chairs possess earth attributes.


Fire Creates the Setting for New Growth

The massive wildfires in the western USA have been out of control for months. When Fire burns, it creates ash or earth. The big parcels of land devastated by fire this year, will experience new growth next year. Although highly traumatic, the same goes for people who are losing their homes and possessions. They are being forced to begin anew. If you’d like to “fire-up” your Relationship area, add something red or pink, bring in some triangle shapes, add pictures of people or animals, add some lights or candles. Pairing up an item is also a good way to strengthen partnership.


Use the Metal Element to Deplete Excess Earth

As Earth hardens, Metal is formed deep below the surface. This is where iron ore and crystals are formed. Thus, Metal consumes the energy of the Earth and depletes or wears it down. If a partnership is problematic or your Relationship gua feels bogged down or stuck, look to see if you have a lot of Metal items or attributes in it. Metal is represented by white and light pastel colors, circular and oval shapes, all types of metal (gold, silver, brass, aluminum, etc.), crystals and gemstones, large rocks, and stones. If this is the case, add items with Fire and Earth qualities to replace or rebalance items with metal attributes.


Finetune Imbalances of Wood and Water

In excess, Wood and Water energy imbalance the Earth. Look for tree roots that burst through the surface of the Earth to better understand how Wood can penetrate Earth and thereby wear it down. Excess Water, on the other hand, creates mud as it mixes with Earth. The devastation caused by the hurricanes in the south is an example of the destruction Water can bring. Used effectively, both Wood and Water can help reduce sluggishness and get things moving quickly. They should be managed, however.


Tips to Rebalance the Relationship and Partnership Gua

  • Remove groups of three: photos, plants, decorations, animals, etc.
  • Add heart energy! Heart shapes, heart mementoes, heart-filled affirmations.
  • Place a flattering photo, taken during a happy time, that represents marriage or partnership in the back-right corner of a room or your home, office, or desk.
  • Create pairs: a happy couple, a pair of birds, two gorgeous flowers.
  • Integrate some red, pink, or yellow with intention.
  • Add a vase of beautiful, fresh flowers in the autumn palette.
  • Ground a space that feels disconnected by placing a heavy item in each corner.
  • Fill up a large space with oversized furniture that hugs the ground.
  • Place two beautiful pieces of rose quartz or a rose quartz heart.
  • Add pottery, earthenware, shells, or natural items.


Give Attention to the October 16th New Moon

New moons are a time to set or seed new intentions and ideas. Work with your Partnership gua prior to October 16th, by cleaning and activating it. Then, take time on Friday, October 16th to set an intention for yourself related to marriage or partnership. Write it down on a piece of paper or in a journal. Sit quiet for a few moments and do a meditation. Visualize the end result and give thanks that it’s happening. Turn your intentions over to God, Spirit, or the Universe. A technique you might like is to visualize placing your intention in a balloon and then send the balloon off into the atmosphere, taking your intention to the heavens.


Tune in to the Full Moon on October 31, Halloween

Two weeks later, the full moon is when things come to light. Use this time to notice what’s happening and what has shifted since you set your intentions. Look for subtle signs that your intentions have taken root.

I’d be delighted if you share some of the changes you make and what you notice as a result. Send your update to me at peg@fengshuiconnections.com.