Predecessor Chi Matters!

Old-NYIf the walls could talk, they would certainly have stories to tell! Prior to purchasing a property it’s helpful to learn as much about the history of it as you can. Alternatively, follow your intuition, and go with your gut feel. If you later find out that negative activities occurred, you can clear them (or have a Space Clearing).

A key premise of feng shui is that the energy of what happens in a space is embedded into the walls, ceilings, floors …everything that’s in a space … until the energy is cleared, or the space is renovated (including the roof). The same is true for the land itself. Think about the energy associated with wars and battlegrounds, illness, divorces and separations, criminal activities, untimely deaths and murders, loss of property through bankruptcy and foreclosure, etc. The history and associated energy of each event embeds itself into the chi of the land and buildings and influences it going forward. Repeat patterns are typical. The same goes for happy and healthy spaces.

If you purchase a property with a negative or sordid history, clear the predecessor energy or have it cleared for you. At minimum it will bring things back to neutral and enable you to start fresh again.

Here’s an interesting story of a NYC apartment with a negative history that a feng shui colleague brought to my attention. Let’s hope the new owners get it cleared and begin on a new note.

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Contact Peg if you’d like a Space Clearing. She does most on a long-distance basis.