Prosperity Tip of the Month


We live in a rapidly changing and somewhat chaotic world. I trust that there’s a higher purpose to all of this, I just don’t know what it is. Given that, I find it easy to go about each day without being bogged down by day to day news or world events. I focus on what’s within my control and what I want for myself and my family. As a result, things often seem to unfold magically. I think a thought and often before it’s completed I see evidence of it playing out. For example, someone I’m thinking of might call me, my husband might suggest something I also had in mind, client work emerges with perfect timing, the weather cooperates for a daily hike, trips for errands are easy and effortless, and much more.

My husband and I called a friend to wish him a happy birthday. He had recently returned home after two weeks in a hospital, due to  a fall and subsequent infection. His situation was a series of misfortune and mishaps. The hospital was shortstaffed, resulting in 30 hours in the emergency room. He was in discomfort and pain the entire time. His two week experience didn’t get much better. He expressed one complaint after another.

As challenging as it is at times, sending out positive thoughts can make a big difference in the way events unfold. For example, continually see yourself in good health. If you need medical services, set the intention and expectation that things will move along smoothly. Assume you’ll receive the appropriate care and attention that you require, in a timely manner.

As long as I have know him, my friend views life from a glass half empty perspective. He expresses things in terms of what’s wrong vs. what’s right or what’s working well. His wife does too. Throughout their more than 15 years of retirement they’ve had multiple and longterm medical emergencies. It’s a sad situation because he worked hard his entire life and he and his wife were looking forward to happy retirements. They don’t realize how their thoughts, words and attitudes shape their experiences. They more that they emphasize how bad things are, that will continue to be their experience.

The altenative is to choose a better situation for yourself. Let go of the world at large. Begin with you and what you can control, which are your thoughts. As you think happier thoughts, you’ll have happier feelings. Happier feelings contribute to better health and an easier ebb and flow to life. When things go arwy, create options for yourself. In my friend’s situation, a better thought an option might have been: “If this hospital is too shorthanded or too busy to help me, perhaps they‘ll send me elsewhere.”

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