Redecorating Made Easier!

modern living room with white walls


Spring is a time of new beginnings. Are you feeling the shift in seasons and a desire to change your décor or to change your life? As your life evolves, it makes sense that your home and workspace should transform too. Afterall, your space reflects you. No one is the same from one day to the next. If the places where you spend the most time remain the same, you could feel stuck or bored with life. You could stagnate.

Many people want to make changes, yet they don’t trust themselves to make choices that will make them happy. This could relate to your home, your job, your leisure-time, your relationships, or any aspect of your life. Some people are afraid of making the wrong choice and as a result, they don’t make any change. They remain waiting for the perfect choice. Are you among them?

Your home should reflect you, not someone else’s perspective about you. As a result, when you make your choices, they’ll be the right ones for you at that time. As you shift and change, you can make new selections. There are some excellent strategies for doing so without impacting your budget in a big way.

Spring is a time of lightening up. Bringing in lighter colors and fabrics can create an instant shift. You can do this with bed linens, blankets and throws, pillows, and curtains. Area rugs too. Although it’s a bit more work, painting a room also brings an instant shift. Deciding on neutral colors vs. deeper hues is a personal choice. Select ones that make you happy.

You might also make shifts by selecting new lights. Many lighting styles are available. The choices might seem overwhelming at times. You can make one change, see how you like it, and go from there.

Rearranging art and photos are another option for change. Consider room purpose and use and correlate your art with the feng shui bagua. For example, arrange family photos in the Family gua (unless it’s your bedroom) and place more whimsical pieces in the Children and Joy area. Remember that the bagua is placed over every room, in addition to your house, so you have many choices of ways to enhance your space based on your objectives.


Home Decorating Apps to Explore

Fortunately, technology is providing easy ways to consider alternatives and options using apps on your computer and mobile devices. They can help you to scan many options in a short period of time, narrow your choices and play with potential shifts before making significant commitments of time or money. Take a look at this article for a series of home redecorating apps.

Step into spring by bringing some new or renewed energy into your home or workspace. The most important thing is to take steps that make you happy. Don’t worry about what others think. When you make changes, they are aligned with your heart and soul, you’re operating from integrity and authenticity. When you do this, you’ll always be right.