Strengthen Your Body’s Innate Intelligence and Health via Focused Life Force Energy!

Feng shui and Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) are all about moving chi! As you make changes in your home, you’re shifting chi, the energy or vital life force that surrounds you and your environment. FLFE is a complementary service that provides an energetic boost to your home and/or personal object, such as your mobile phone, to raise the life force energy. The higher life force in your environment can help you to release stuck energy both in your space as well as in your body. The result is an ongoing dance of inner and outer energy, one reinforcing the other.

Improving your body’s health is one of many benefits of Focused Life Force Energy. Watch this video to listen to the founders explain how it works:

Improve Your Health with FLFE from Focused Life-Force Energy on Vimeo.

The FLFE programs include positive, declarative statements, (aka known as affirmations and prayers) for your body, organs and glands. Thus, when you’re in a FLFE environment, you and everyone in it benefits from the high level of life force energy. You feel better, people in the space are in better moods, you might find that you’re more creative and new solutions to problems show up rapidly, among other benefits.

I love the founders’ analogy in the video to “being free of the clouds.” FLFE clears energetic clutter and energetic clouds from your space. In turn, you might find yourself more inclined to reduce physical clutter and blockages. One day you may realize that you’re inspired to clear away a paper pile, reorganize a drawer, donate excess clothes to a charity or simply clear and reinvigorate your space. It’s all connected.

You can also give your environment a daily boost. Read last month’s post to learn how:

Not a Subscriber? Do a 15-day Free Trial.

If you aren’t a FLFE subscriber, check out the service and give yourself a FREE 15-day trial for your home or phone, and then another 15-days on whatever one you didn’t choose the first time. This link will take you to FLFE’s Home page: where you’ll find a treasure trove of information.

You and your well-being are worth it.


See the FLFE page on my website for more experiences.