Tiny Homes

tiny-houseAre you familiar with Tiny Homes? My husband, daughter and I attended a Tiny Homes Fest in Brattleboro, VT over Labor Day weekend. We saw some wonderful, very small homes. The tiny home movement is about living simply in small spaces, such as 250 – 300 square feet. Can you imagine this? We were curious about these homes, so we hopped in the car and drove a few hours to check some out. The village we saw was a “Pop-Up” Village. Thus, the homes were on wheels so that they could travel about. Not all tiny homes need to be on wheels or remain on wheels though. A tiny house could be a permanent fixture as well. A neighborhood of tiny homes could be a great place to build community and develop relationships. Instead of spending a lot of time maintaining a larger home, more time can be devoted to special interests, spending time in nature and with other people. For one or two people who want to live in a small space, these homes are beautiful! The layouts are spacious and functional. They are well thought out, incorporate high quality products, are comfortable and flexible. Some of the features included lofted beds or pull out sofa beds, many built-ins, granite counter tops, custom cabinets, high end kitchen appliances, full size bathrooms, well-thought out closet space, washer/dryer combos, small office space, spray foam insulation, high efficiency heating and cooling, high quality windows, warm colors, outside porches and lots of personality. The price varies. The houses were saw were running from $55 – $85,000 for 240 – 275 square feet, or $228.00 – $312 per square foot. Many tiny houses are in the 500 to 800 square foot range. You can go low and you can also go high. It all depends on your imagination, preferences, and wallet. As society’s needs and preferences change, tiny homes could help fill niches for single people, couples and small families, both young and old, working and retired. A Tiny Home could also be a great solution to an in-law apartment or home office space. Rather than renovate or add on to an existing home, you could roll in a new, customized space that is parked on-site. To learn more, here are some links that might interest you: