Tips to Energize Your Helpful People and Travel Gua

woman looking at mountains
The February new moon in Aquarius was associated with the Helpful People and Travel gua. This is the front right corner of your house, every room in your house, your workspace and yard. Helpful People energy is about the right people showing up in your life at the right time. They can be seen or unseen, physical or spiritual. It is also about travel related energy. If you’d like to go somewhere, this is a worthwhile area to energize.


The Heaven Trigram

The Helpful People area is affiliated with the Heaven trigram, the most yang trigram with three solid lines. As a result, it’s associated with male energy and father figures, as well as the head and brain. If you have problems with your dad or a dad in your life, engage with the energy of your Helpful People guas to assist you. Also work with this area if you tend to get headaches or you have any problems with your brain. One of my sisters has an acquired brain injury. When she is in her own space again, this is an area for her to work with.

Placing spiritual figures and reminders in your Helpful People guas can reinforce this energy in your life. I like to do this outdoors in my gardens as well.


Do You Like to Travel? Energy this Gua.

A fun application of this energy is to focus on travel. Placing images or reminders of places you’d like to go in this area can help it to come about. Years ago, my daughter and I wanted to travel to Maui during an upcoming February vacation, staying in a timeshare. My husband told us it would likely take a few years to get a place there. We set an intention and then placed reminders in our Helpful People corners. Within weeks the timeshare company called us and said they had a place for us to stay. It turned out to be a great place too!


Helpful People Gua and the Metal Element

The Helpful People gua is a Metal energy area. Metal is strengthened by Earth and depleted by Water, Wood and Fire, in varying degrees. If your space has too little Metal energy, add Earth and Metal. If it has too much, use Water, Wood and Fire to balance it.


9 Enhancement Tips for Your Helpful People and Travel Gua

  • Gray, white, pastels, yellow and earthy colors
  • Metals such as gold, silver, brass, aluminum
  • Stones such as marble, granite, flagstone, slate
  • Natural crystals, gemstones
  • Circles, ovals and arch shapes
  • Earthenware and natural items
  • Pictures and symbols of teachers, mentors, guides
  • Pictures of your dad
  • Places you’d like to visit

Consider where you can use or where you might benefit from more support in your life. Then energize your Helpful People and Travel guas accordingly.