Use the Daily Boost to Save Money with FLFE!

During the past month I saved more than two months of the FLFE service fee after I turned on the daily boost! It was a fun surprise when I realized this.

Focused Life Force Energy is a service that raises the consciousness level of your home (condo or apartment) or surrounding area. You can put it in place for your home, using your home address or carry it around with you via your phone. You can also put it in place for your business. I really like it. I’ve noticed that I’m more creative, problems are easier to solve, we’ve been very healthy and life in general has been quite good.

FLFE helps you to:

  • expand your consciousness
  • sleep and meditate more deeply
  • boost your body’s natural healing ability
  • increase focus, concentration, creativity
  • energize your living/working space

FLFE also helps to harmonize EMFs, relieve the effects of geopathic stress, clear negative history from your land, and more.

One of the benefits of FLFE is boosting the energy of your property for a half hour daily. Recently, I coordinated the daily boost with two customer service calls. In the first instance I wasn’t making progress with the customer service rep, so I brought the call to an end. Then I turned on the FLFE boost and called back. I got a different agent and explained the situation. It was resolved within minutes, and he waived a $50 fee that the first agent was requiring.

In the second situation, I turned on the FLFE boost in before my call. This was for a product replacement. After explaining the product failure, the agent provided me a price and also mentioned shipping. Then she told me that she could do better than that and extended a 20% discount. Then she asked me to wait another minute and put me on hold. When she returned, she also waived the shipping fee. The result of both calls? The money saved more than paid for two months of FLFE’s service! A wonderful tradeoff.

Now you can try FLFE for free for 30 days, without any obligation. If you’re already a subscriber, remember to do the daily boost for important activities. You can boost your property for 30 minutes daily or for 10 minutes with a phone subscription. In addition to problem solving, I like to do the property boost when I have a significant activity underway or if I want more clarity about a situation. Check it out!