Waking Up in 5D: The Heart Leads the Way

heartMaureen St. Germain’s new book, Waking Up in 5D, provides guidance for living well in our current times. Reading this book is a great way to begin 2018 on a new note.

Allowing your heart to lead the way goes well with this month’s focus on the Fame gua and heart energy. In recent years science had provided compelling evidence of how your heart leads your brain and your feelings drive your thoughts. The good news is that you can choose love over anger or hate and positivity over negativity. Shifting the outer world is an inside job. It begins with each of us. Winter is an excellent time of year to do this work.

Here’s an excerpt from page 3:

The Heart Leads the Way

Being in fifth dimension is a frequency choice. It’s also about using what’s available to assist you when you fall out of the higher frequencies. This means your movement to fifth dimension isn’t a direct arrival. Being there doesn’t guarantee you’ll stay there. Certainly, once you’ve been there it becomes easier and easier to reach. If you do need to move back into third dimension, it’s a movement that will keep oscillating until you can hold the higher frequency all the time.

This is probably one of the hardest concepts to understand. Think about how you might move through a difficult discovery about someone close to you. Maybe you are angry, then hurt, then okay with it, then angry again, and so on. One of the ways to “be in your heart” is to notice these feelings as they move. Then catapult yourself from “being OK” with it to having compassion for the other person, situation or circumstance. How to do that? One way is the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono). Simply put, it is the process of saying over and over, in your thought, “Please forgive me. I am sorry. I love you. Thank you.” This system was brought to light and taught by the Hawaiian leader Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. Joe Vitale popularized it. Try it for yourself the next time you are noticing your hardness of heart is keeping you from moving into compassion.

In case you missed it last month …. Blog Talk Radio Interview

Maureen’s interview with Dr. Carol Francis on Blog Talk Radio is worth your time to listen. At the end Maureen and Dr. Carol have a lively exchange about politics. Maureen says that that way out of this is to replace judgment with love.
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Divine Government Meditation

If you’re frustrated with government and politicians, send them love rather than criticism and negative energy. Doing so will help to shift the focus and bring peace to the world. Maureen St. Germain’s eight-minute Divine Government meditation is a great way to begin. Click here to listen to the meditation.