What’s Behind Your House Number? Energy!


Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. The energetic patterns embedded in your house and land are a primary focus of feng shui. Your house and surrounding property reflect your energy and you mirror the energy of your house and property. It’s like a dance, with the energy moving back and forth.

Do you realize that one of the embedded patterns in your property is based on your house number? Numbers, like everything else, have energetic imprints. As a result, some houses are quiet and meant for individualistic pursuits, while others are focused on continual work, or family, friends and social activities, and others on spirituality, to cite a few qualities.

I live at number 70. This is a “7” house. When we initially purchased our house, it was “10, or a “1” house. Several years ago, all of the houses in my town were renumbered in a uniform manner to accommodate 911 services. In one swoop, the energy of our house changed from one that supported individual pursuits to one with a spiritual focus.

When we had two homes, our primary home was #4. Four is a work house! I know this energy well. I lived with it for 32 years. Fortunately, while there, we purchased a seasonal home, which has since become our main home. Although I continue to work, I am not as driven by work as I was when I lived in our “4” house. My work is more spiritual in nature now.

What vibration does your house number hold? To determine this, you need to reduce your house number to one digit. Do this by adding together each number, until it reduces to one digit. For example, house #129 … 1+2+9 =12; 1+2 = 3. Thus, 129 reduces to the energy of a “3” house. Example 2: house #495: 4+9+5 = 18; 1+8 = 9. House # 495 holds the energy of a “9” house.

You select your house and your house selects you! Here’s a summary of the energy behind house numbers. To learn more, see Sacred Space by Denise Linn, Ballantine Wellspring, 1995.

1 … One homes are about independence and individuality. It’s a useful vibration for new beginnings and self-development. One represents a home where people will follow their own instincts and learn from experience. A challenging aspect of a one home is that you might feel isolated or alone.

2 … Two represents duality and the balance of yin and yang energies It’s a home where you’ll be likely to put others before yourself. This is a good home for people living close together. You become energetically connected. You’ll likely to desire peace, harmony, and diplomacy. It’s easy to develop music, art, and psychic skills in a two home. The downside of a two home is that you may become overly sensitive.

3 … Three is a Divine number. It represents the Trinity and Mind-Body-Spirit. The energy of three is about outward expression and expansion. This is a home that supports positive thinking. It’s a great house for a fun and active social life. Three homes are conducive to warmth and love. Lots of parties are likely. In a three home be careful about expanding too rapidly or acquiring an enjoy now, pay later attitude.

4 … Four represents security, discipline, work, service, organization, and productivity. A four home is one where you are likely to feel grounded, stable, and secure. You experience steady employment, work hard, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You might also feel connected to the earth through gardening and a connection to nature. The challenge of living in a four home is that is may feel like all work and no play. Creating outlets for fun and pleasure will help to bring a better balance.

5 … Five homes are highly active! They are centers of activity. The people living here are always on the go. There will be whirlwinds of movement, communication, meetings, change, gathering and sharing information, pleasure, and parties. If you’re a journalist working from home, this is a good house for you. A challenge of living in a five home is learning to periodically slow down and to take more time before making important decisions.

6 … Six is an excellent home to raise a family and to be of service to others. The energy of six homes centers around balance, harmony, compassion, social service, beauty, and the arts. Six homes are about nurture and caring. They are supportive homes for aspiring artists and caring counselors. Beautifying the home is important to those living here. This is also an exceptionally good home to develop close, loving relationships. A challenge in a six home is giving too much of yourself and also becoming too reclusive.

7 … Seven is a spiritual and mystical number. Seven homes favor contemplation, retreat, divine inspiration, spiritual development, and self-development. This is an environment where you can find your path in life through intuition, inspiration, metaphysical studies. It’s helpful if each person living here is on a similar contemplative path. A downside of living in a seven home can be that you find yourself isolated. This is not a good home to attract a new relationship or if worldly goods are important to you.

8 … Eight holds the energy of material success, abundance in all areas of life, consciousness, leadership, and infinity. In this home, you can develop organizational and managerial skills, achieve power through discipline and hard work, be well respected, and receive public recognition. If you’ve lived too long in a seven home, this vibration will fill the gaps. This home is about financial prosperity. A downside is learning to be wise with your finances.

9 … Nine is about humanitarianism, selflessness, universal compassion, completion, and endings. In a nine home you are more apt to give freely to others because of how much you have gained in your own life. Your love for others expands and you live your truth. People are drawn to you for your compassion and wisdom. This is a good home to tie up loose ends. One downside in this home may be failing to see your individual needs due to your focus on the bigger picture.

Master Numbers hold special energy. If your house is one of the following numbers, it contains this energy in addition to that of the number to which it reduces (2, 4 and 6).

11 … This is a favorable for developing intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual pursuits, and metaphysics. (Also see number two.)

22 … A home of unlimited potential mastery in any area on spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental levels. (Also see number four.)

33 … A home where all things are possible. (Also see number six.)


Placing House Numbers

If you have multiple house numbers in your address (such as 129), avoid placing your numbers in a descending or downward direction. It is best to arrange the numbers horizontally or so that they rise to the right. This helps to attract positive energy to you and your house.

What is your house number and what vibration does it hold? Do the events that have occurred there hold true to the energy of the number? Let me know at peg@fengshuiconnections.com.