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Redecorating Made Easier!

  Spring is a time of new beginnings. Are you feeling the shift in seasons and a desire to change your décor or to change your life? As your life evolves, it makes sense that your home and workspace should transform too. Afterall, your space reflects you. No one is the same from one day

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Front Doors That Make a Statement!

  Your front door is the most important aspect of feng shui as it represents the quality of energy that comes your way. Architectural digest put together a slide show of 38 outstanding front doors, most of which contribute to great feng shui. There’s only one I truly didn’t care for … it’s the oversized

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Predecessor Chi Matters!

If the walls could talk, they would certainly have stories to tell! Prior to purchasing a property it’s helpful to learn as much about the history of it as you can. Alternatively, follow your intuition, and go with your gut feel. If you later find out that negative activities occurred, you can clear them (or

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